If Google Docs is doing you wrong, it's your ad blocker's fault, according to Google

In the last few days, some Google Docs users have been having trouble with text formatting. The platform shows it cut by the margins, among other problems that did not make sense in such a mature text editor.

At first it was attributed to a bug, but Google has not been long in answering that the cause is in an update of the content blocker Adblock and the EasyList block list. This is what he shared Remy burger, Google Drive Product Manager, on Twitter:

If you encounter any problem with margins or paragraphs in Google Docs right now, it is due to recent changes made by @getadblock / EasyList.

The quickest solution: disable the ad blocker

Margins Problems

While sharing the above, Burger has commented on Twitter that, "unfortunately [el problema] beyond their control [de Google]. Either you put on the allowed list, or turn off the ad blocker to fix it. "

Generally there are no problems between content blockers and widely used websites such as Drive and Docs, but this time they have broken things, and although there are no massive complaints, because the blockers themselves are not, there may be many affected. Google hasn't changed anything and Drive and Docs work well in all browsers if ad blocker is not used.

In fact, in the answers of the Google support forums it is indicated that many users of Edge or Firefox are not having problems, so the conflict may be with Chrome. The most advisable thing is to pause the action of the blocker that you have in the domain of Google services, which beyond the browser do not present advertising (but there is a lot of monitoring of the user, which is also blocked).

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Not being something that Google has "broken", it makes sense that for now the company asks users to act instead of it, because the responsibility is in the blocker and not in new code deployed from Mountain View.

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