If Facebook dominates the world, bad, if it is Apple, already such

Apple doesn't like that Facebook is so popular.

One of the most interesting confrontations that we are experiencing in recent months is the one that is being starred by two of the most popular companies in the world. The first is Facebook, one of the social networks with the most users in the world. The second is Apple, the company whose smartphones are sweeping sales.

It all started when Apple tightened its privacy policy for apps that are downloaded to their devices, something that Facebook obviously did not like at all, being the first company to criticize the new actions of the bitten apple company.

Now Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has launched subtle and poisoned darts against Facebook in a recent podcast and it is that in short, for the good of Tim Facebook's dominance in the social media arena is not good for the competition.

Apple wants more competition on social media

Tim cook

What's bad for Facebook appears to be good for Apple.

Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook ... Zuckerbeg's shadow is quite long. There are not a few applications that have a direct connection with the Facebook social network and this apparently It is not something that I like very much within Apple.

In a recent podcast presented by Kara Swisher in The New York Times, Tim Cook mentioned that the more social media accounts there are in the world, the better. While he didn't name Facebook directly, you don't have to be very smart to understand their words.

The more social networks there are, fewer users will use Facebook and this would weaken the social network in the current war with Apple. That is, Tim Cook is irritated that Facebook leads the world's social networks but ironically, it seems perfect that his devices, including the iPhone, are sweeping markets such as the United States.

The truth is that Tim Cook is right, since the more competition there is in the market, the better for everyone. Now, that it also applies to your company because if someone does not like the competition, that is undoubtedly Apple and its "closed" products.

Let's remember that just a few weeks ago Facebook tried to convince iOS users that thanks to the data that good old Mark Zuckerberg collects from all of us, millions of companies can survive. The rest we do not know what they will think, but we continue to recommend that the best thing is that delete your account from said social network. No problem.

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