How to watch HBO on Kodi and why it may be better than doing it in your official apps or on the web

Watching Netflix on Kodi (or Disney +) has advantages over the web and applications that we have already discussed. Today's article will be similar, focusing on how to watch HBO on Kodi.

Viewing HBO content on Kodi is interesting for several reasons. The first one is that The official HBO application is not available for devices as popular in Spain as the Amazon Fire TV Stick (in none of its variants). In this way, if we install Kodi 19 Matrix or 18 Leia in one of them, we can see everything that HBO has to offer us without having to buy another device.

If we watch HBO from PC, regarding watching its series and movies in the browser, with Kodi we gain the possibility of (optionally) receiving 5.1 sound, which will not be of much quality, but it will be superior to the stereo on the web.

In addition, both it is desktop and in other platforms, and in front of apps, Kodi will allow us to take screenshots of the displayed content and customize subtitles, something that our eyes and devices such as OLED TVs can thank (for burned).

How to install the HBO + addon on Kodi

To watch HBO on Kodi 18 Leia or Kodi 19 Matrix, the first thing to know is that we need to have a paid subscription with HBO. With that in mind, we will have to install the addon "hGO EU", which we can download from its website or, as we will explain, directly from the official Kodi Video Addons repository, where we will also find addons to watch Pluto TV, Plex or Google Drive.

Install Kodi Video Addons

  • From the beginning of Kodi select Add-ons in the side menu on the left.

  • Then select Download.

  • Choose Video add-ons.

  • Browse through the list until you reach "H" and click on hGO EU:


Once you find it, you only have to click on the name. A new window will open containing the "Install" button, which is the one we have to press. In doing so, Kodi will ask us to install other add-ons such as Widevine and Inputstream, necessary to view DRM content, such as the one that HBO serves.

When finishing and opening the hGO EU addon, Kodi will ask us to choose our country (in this case Spain). After selecting it, the addon will ask us for the HBO username and password, and they promise that it is encrypted. By entering them correctly, we will be within our account.

If you have many devices, Kodi is the best way to bypass the limitation of 5 devices registered in HBO, since it does not count on that list

Another advantage of watching HBO on Kodi is that this session will not count as a registered device, as with the web. Thus, we will be able to log into Kodi on as many devices as we want, facing the inconvenience of logging into the official application and having to delete devices in "My account" after five registered.

First steps on Kodi: what it is and how to use it to watch movies and series

How to watch HBO on Kodi

Kodi Hbo

With the session already started, we will find an interface like the one we see in the image above. As can be seen, the interface has nothing to do with the official HBO Spain interface, but we can see the contents of "My list", use the search engine, view categories, etc.

Personally, I do not like the HBO application because of everything that fails, and in this case I feel that everything goes faster than those times that HBO is regular, which are not few.

True detective

Playback of 'True Detective' with Dolby Digital Plus audio.

Seeing a content, otherwise, is as easy as selecting movie or series, episode and watching. Once the playback has started, in this HBO addon we can choose the language and subtitles as if it were a movie from our library.