How to use the new Spotify library to quickly find your favorite music

Spotify has completely revamped the app's library to make it easier to find your favorite music and podcasts. So you can use it.

Spotify has decided to give a –necessary– facelift to the music library of your application. The company has announced a major redesign for this section of the platform, which should greatly facilitate browsing saved content, be it music or podcasts.

The objective is reduce the time users spend searching for their favorite content, and increase the time they spend listening to it. For this, a series of new tools have been added that will be available both on iOS and Android throughout the next week.

New design of the Spotify library

The new layout of the Spotify library makes it easy to find downloaded songs.

Organize your music and use filters to find songs quickly with the new Spotify library

With this update, the Spotify library section has not only received a revamped design, cleaner and more intuitive. Several have also been included features that were previously unavailable, and that are oriented to quickly find what you want to hear at all times.

Among these functions, we find dynamic filters. These filters will appear at the top of the library screen , and allow you to filter the content between album, artist, playlist, or podcast.

In addition, there is also the option of touch the "Downloaded" filter, to be able to see all that content that we have downloaded directly through the platform and that we have stored locally.

Spotify also introduces improvements in the way content is sorted. Now it is possible choose to view content in alphabetical order, display recently played content first, or sort by creator name. To do this, you just have to touch the two arrows icon located in the upper left corner, and choose the way to order.

On the other hand, an option is included to pin up to four playlists, albums, or podcasts , so that accessing them is much faster. In order to fix content, just swipe to the right on each element, and touch on "fix".

Finally, a new grid view, which shows the content of the library in a more attractive format, in a gallery with larger thumbnails. In order to activate the grid view, just touch the icon of the four squares located in the upper right corner.

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