How to use Kodi to view an IPTV list and DTT

It is one of the most popular and complete multimedia centers that exist. Kodi, known for years as XBMC, continues to be a benchmark in this type of application on different platforms (it is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and even BSD) and is extremely versatile. So much so that it even helps us to watch DTT.

Based on the fact that we have installed and configured in a basic way - if not, here we have a complete guide to get started - and we know its basic functions, in this article we will see how we use Kodi to see an IPTV list and DTT, that is, free TV channels, through this highly adaptable multimedia center.

We explain how you can watch DTT television channels (and others) through Kodi

Watching TV through Kodi

PVR IPTV Simple Client, the 'add-on' that will allow us to watch IPTV.

PVR IPTV Simple Client, the 'add-on' that will allow us to watch IPTV.

The first step to be able to watch television through Kodi is to get a add-on that allows it and we can install one of the most popular for this purpose without leaving the multimedia center. Just access the application, go to section Add-ons, click on the icon of an open box and choose the option Install from repository.

Once here we will choose the option All repositories and then, PVR Clients. Here we will find a long list of add-ons for Kodi in which we must find the one called PVR IPTV Simple Client. We access it, install it and, once installed, go to the section Add-ons again, we click on My add-ons, we access PVR Clients and finally to our complement. Once in it, we go to the section Setting that we will find in the buttons below.

Once we access it, we will see a field called URL to M3U list. Here we must introduce a link to a list of the channels that we want to see. On the internet, on different websites, forums and repository we can find these lists, for example on the TDTChannels GitHub.

Kodi Tdt Iptv Genbeta La 1

Viewing La 1 from Kodi.

Seven addons to take advantage of Kodi, the mediacenter formerly known as XBMC

Here we find a list of television channels, and also radio stations, which are broadcast free on the internet. The lists they provide are focused on Spain, although they also include international channels. Well, to carry one of the lists we must copy one of the links that we find in the table linked to the term m3u8 and paste it into the PVR IPTV Simple Client configuration field and save.

In most cases, no reboot will be required. If we access the main page of Kodi, By clicking on the television channels section, we can access those contained in the list. To say that it is more than likely that they will not all be seen, given that the links of the chains change often, but the lists are updated with relative frequency so that most of the channels are available: national, regional, international and even local .

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