How to sort the icons on the home screen of your Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of our favorite tech brands. They not only manufacture mobile devices with an unbeatable value for money, although sometimes they are not successful as in the case of the Mi MIX Alpha, but also because its infinite catalog includes products of all types and for all tastes.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 launcher

In addition to this, we must recognize that MIUI, the customization layer of your devices, leaves no one indifferent. Either you love her or you hate her, there is no middle ground. It has always been criticized that Android has little and that its appearance is closer to Apple's operating system than Google's, but what we cannot deny is that its performance is outstanding.

And since MIUI is a quite special version of Android, it has many tricks, secrets and exclusive functions among its settings. Today we bring you a very interesting trick if you are one of those who you love having a clean and tidy home screen.

Order the applications on your desktop with a single gesture


MIUI unlike the stock versions of Android, does not have a proper app drawer. As with iOS, in MIUI we have all the app icons on the screen, being able to sort them into folders or on different screens.

For this reason it can happen that either because we are relocating the apps or uninstalling those that we no longer use, gaps or empty spaces appear between the different icons. Of course we cannot allow this, Who doesn't want to always have their mobile desk perfectly organized?

Instead of placing the different icons one by one, Xiaomi and MIUI allow us to order them in a much simpler way. Simply shaking our Xiaomi device, each of the apps that were previously out of order will be placed correctly and where previously there was space and unfilled gaps, now they are gone.

In the event that this simple trick does not work for you, you will have to do the following. Go to the Terminal Settings, Home Screen and activate the Shake option to cover the free spaces. In this way you can return to your Android desktop, shake the terminal and ... magic!

Without a doubt, MIUI 11 is a very good renovation of a MIUI 10 that was already difficult to beat. Against all odds, the company has managed to improve its personalization layer, something that honestly was not an easy task, so we are eager to see what things will bring us the future updates of the Xiaomi customization layer.

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