How to share a link with your highlighted text in Google Chrome for Android

With its update to version 90, the browser Google Chrome it does More productive thanks to a new feature that allows us to share links to articles in a very different way.

Up to now, Chrome for Android It only allowed us to share a website link, such as a news story, article or research study, but it did not allow share the link to a text fragment previously highlighted by us.

Share link to featured text

With its new update, it is now possible to select the text of an article and share the link to the featured text so that the person who clicks on the link opens the page directly with the highlighted text.

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With updated Chrome, we just have to select text and click on the option Share that will appear in your action menu. Then in the 'Share' menu we have to select the new option Link to featured text and then choose the application with which we want to send that article with our highlighted text.

Chrome Share Link Highlight Text

When we share the link, we will see that that selected piece of text is shared and that the URL is longer than normal, since it includes our text selection. When the person clicks on the link, the article will be displayed directly with our text highlighted in yellow.

Chrome Share Link Highlight Text

This novelty allows us to take the reader to the text that we consider the most important of an article or the one that has caught our attention the most, something very practical especially in those very long articles and of which we are only interested in a section or paragraph. It is currently only available on Chrome for PC and Android.

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Google Chrome: fast and secure

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