How to set up Google Assistant's new 'Business Day' routine for smart speakers and displays

The Google Assistant continues to promote routines to automate actions in our home. After the routines of presence, dawn and dusk now come the new routines of 'Laborable day'.

These new routines were announced last September in the United States, but we had to wait six months for them to reach our language. Now we can finally activate and configure our daily work routine.

This is the new 'Workday' routine

The new 'Working Day' routine was born in response to the new normal in which many people have to teleworking from home and who lose track of time and do not take the recommended breaks or stretches to lead a healthy life.

Google Assistant Business Day Routine

If you are working from home and want your smart speaker or display compatible with Google Assistant remind you every so often that you have to take a break, physical activity or stretching you have to go to Google> More> Settings> Google Assistant> Routines.

How to read and reply to messages with the Google Assistant

There you will find the new routine 'Laborable day' what will you have to enable and configure to customize the days of the week, hours and actions that you want the Google Assistant to perform.

Google Assistant Business Day Routine

By default it comes with a daily routine configured by default with different times and actions, but by clicking on the icon Edit we can organize, edit, add and delete actions in a very simple way.

Google Assistant Business Day Routine

We can add all the hours and actions that we want, and after selecting the speaker or screen on which we want the actions to sound, we just have to save so that each day of the working week the speaker informs us of our agenda, tells us the time and to remind us that the time has come to rest, have something to drink and eat, or do some sport.



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