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How to present the 2020 income tax return in a few steps from your mobile

Today the 2020 Income campaign has begun, and we can now access the 2020 income draft and present it online. We have already told you how to access from the Internet, but completing all the procedures is even more direct through the Tax Agency mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Today we are going to tell you how to file the 2020 income tax return via mobile over the Internet.

How to download and log in to the Tax Agency app to file the 2020 Income

Tax agency

First of all, we have to download the application. In the case of Android, it is downloaded from this link on the Google Play Store, and is compatible with smartphones with Android 6.0 and higher. That is approximately we will be able to use it from mobiles launched in 2015 and onwards.

If we have an iPhone, we will have to download it from this link to the Apple App Store, and we will need an iPhone or iPad terminal with iOS 12.0 or higher. That is you can use from an iPad Air or an iPhone 5s onwards to complete the procedure.

Key Income 2020

To log in, lThe application asks us for our ID and expiration date. After entering it, it allows us to activate the device with the Cl @ ve PIN app, which is available on iOS and Android. With it installed and activated, we will receive the verification keys requested by other government applications such as this one for Income 2020. If the application fails, we will also be offered to obtain the PIN by SMS.

How to see your 2020 income tax return


When we have logged in, we will have to go to the main screen of the app (which we see in the image in the center), and we will click on Income 2020. Once we enter, the app can ask us to confirm the tax address, asking us address, if we are owners, tenants, etc.

Once we enter the required data and ratify it, we can continue and continue to present the declaration, as we will see below.

How to file the 2020 income tax return

Rent 2020 Present

When entering Renta 2020, we will have to click on the button "Draft / declaration processing", in a menu where we are also offered other options such as consulting disk data or viewing statements from previous years.

Entering the process, we will see if it will return or pay the IBAN (which we can modify), and we will be able to mark the contributions to the Catholic Church and social purposes. In addition, we can see a PDF preview of our draft, we can modify the declaration on the web, in the second button, and we can present the declaration from the third button that we see below.

Submit Rent

By clicking on "Submit declaration", the application will ask us for confirmation, as it is such an important step and without going back. Upon submission, we will be given a verification code (CSV).