How to manually update your Xiaomi if the OTAs do not reach you

We are going to teach you how to update your mobile with MIUI 12 to the new versions that are arriving. The way to update your Xiaomi mobile is still similar to those that existed a few years ago, but with the arrival of different versions there are some changes to keep in mind. In some cases, updates may not reach us via OTA or they may arrive later than we want.

In this situations, we can force an update manuallyas long as the update file is available. So let's tell you how to do it, since it is a simple process that does not take too long.

Manually update a Xiaomi


Xiaomi, like the rest of Android manufacturers, distributes its updates progressively and by user blocks. Sometimes, these OTAs may take longer than necessary, the download files being available from official sources, but without reaching users, even if weeks go by.

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In order to enable manual update installation You must follow these steps on your mobile with MIUI 12:

  • Open the settings

  • Go 'over the phone'

  • Click on 'MIUI version'

  • Press several times on the MIUI 12 icon to activate the additional functions

  • Go to the menu button (three dots)

  • Click on 'select update package'

Activating this function we can install the update packages ourselves from the internal memory of the telephone. But where do we get these update packages?

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You just have to go to the official MIUI page and select our phone. From there you can download the official file with the latest update available for your Xiaomi, so you only have to download it to the internal memory of the phone and install with the method that we have detailed. In case you don't find the latest update there, a good plan B is the Xiaomi Firmware Updater page, which also brings together a good part of the official firmwares.

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