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How to know if your Samsung mobile works well with Interactive Checks

Find out if everything is going well inside your Samsung mobile with this very useful function that the firm's devices have.

Daily use of a smartphone is not synonymous with knowing all its functions and secrets. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones include a tool that allows users to find out if everything is working properly. without the need for advanced knowledge, and that is not very popular.

The function in question is called Interactive checks, a name that reflects its operation quite well. Battery, speaker, touch screen and camera are some of the components of the device that can be tested with this option. Then we see How to find out if your smartphone is working properly with Interactive Checks.

Interactive checks on Samsung mobile

Find out what's wrong with your Samsung mobile with Interactive Checks.

How to know if your Samsung mobile works well with Interactive Checks

Interactive checks is a Samsung feature included within Samsung Members, the application in which users share solutions to possible problems with Samsung products, and tips and tricks to get more out of them.

In addition to being a place to share information, those with a Samsung Galaxy can also find in Samsung Members tools to check the status of their mobile. One of them is Automatic checks, quick analysis of the terminal that helps you maintain the proper functioning of the same.

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However, the function of Samsung Members that interests us for this article is Interactive Checks, with which you can test each component one by one phone hardware. This tool allows you to know possible failures of those elements that you do not perceive during the daily use of the terminal.

The operation of Interactive Checks is very simple and useful to know in just minutes if everything is working correctly on your Samsung Galaxy. So you can use this function:

  1. Open the app Samsung Members on your Samsung device.
  2. Enter the tab "Help", on the bottom.
  3. Under the section "How is your phone working today?", Click on "Interactive checks".
  4. You will access a menu with all the components whose operation you can analyze. Click one by one on each of them to put them to the test. As its correct operation is confirmed, its icon in the Interactive Checks menu you will receive a blue tick. In case of failure, it will appear in red.

Samsung interactive checks: find out if your smartphone is working properly

Thus, without the need to install external applications, you can check if everything works correctly on your Samsung mobile. Undoubtedly, Interactive Checks is one of those essential functions in a smartphone, one of those that you have to use every so often to check that everything is going well.

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