How to know if your phone number is among the almost 11 million leaked in Spain after the Facebook breach

Yesterday we said that an old Facebook security breach exposed 533 million phone numbers. Of all of them, almost 11 million belong to Spanish users, which means that approximately one in four people have seen their privacy compromised. In this article we are going to tell you how to check if you are one of the victims.

After some reluctance, Troy Hunt, the creator of Have i been pwned? has added the victims' phone numbers to the database, so that now we can find out if our phone number is among the files that hackers have in their possession.

How to check if our phone is part of the security breach


To know if we are a victim of the Facebook security breach, that there is a very high probability of yes and our phone is filtered, we only have to go to have i been pwned? and enter our phone number. By entering the email we can see if it has leaked into the gap that affects some 75,000 Spanish users. Regarding the figure of 533 million, 509,458,528 have been listed on the web, a smaller number that does not change the seriousness of the matter.

Returning to the telephone numbers, to find out if we are part of the gap, we must specify the Spanish prefix. In the event that our telephone number is "666666666", to search the web we will have to enter a 34 in front, thus leaving "34666666666". If the web shows the message "Good news - no pwnage found!" With a green background, our data is safe, but if it is red, as in the screenshot, with the text "Oh no - pwned!", we have a problem.


It is also possible to enter the number with a "+34" in front, and even spaces. We have checked a couple of numbers both ways, and both have worked. How it does not work is not putting prefix. The tool works flawlessly, and several of the personal phones we tested are part of the breach.

As we indicated, Few emails have been leaked in this gap, so it is better to search by phone. You should know that if your number has been leaked, your name has also been leaked, and it is associated with that number. In some cases, there is also date of birth, partner status, place of work, etc.

Other websites have appeared that claim to do the same that we have explained here, but the most prudent thing is to trust only "have i been pwned?", which is a website that has had a great reputation for many years and is managed by an expert in the field, who is also a Microsoft employee. With it, we know that the data we enter is safe, while other websites can use it for malicious purposes.