How to know if you are registered with social security from the Internet

Many Spaniards have realized, in recent months of limited travel due to the pandemic, the importance of being able to carry out certain procedures through the Internet.

And, whether our company is going through difficulties or if we have managed to find a new job, we may have doubts about our own official employment situation (Has my company applied an ERTE? Will my new employer have registered me?).

Fortunately, the Social Security website allows us to do multiple procedures online ... among them, access our updated employment information. Let's take a look at how to do it:

Steps to follow

On the same home page of the Social Security Electronic Office we will find a tab called "Citizens" and, within it, a link to the "Reports and Certificates" section, as we see in the image above.

By clicking on the latter, a list will appear, in alphabetical order, of possible reports that we can access: the one that interests us is the "Worker's current situation report".

How to request unemployment online

When we click on it, a 'window' will be displayed that will show us 4 possible methods of identity verification:

We will have to choose one and then confirm the choice in the next window, with which we will proceed to verify our identity.

After that, we will see only a short message accompanied by the link "Click here to open the report". Once we click, the document we were looking for will open, a PDF that will show our current employment situation, as the following image shows:


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