How to know how much RAM my PC has in Windows 10

First of all, you have to know what RAM is for and what it is: RAM is the main memory of a device. Temporarily stores the data of the programs you are using at the moment. Its acronym stands for Random Access Memory, and it is a type of memory that you can find on any deviceFrom desktop computers to mobile phones.

RAM memory it has two characteristics that differentiate it from other types of storage. On the one hand it has an enormous speed, and on the other the data is only stored temporarily. This means that every time you restart or shut down your computer, the normal thing is that the data stored in RAM is lost.

Three tricks to free up RAM in Windows 10

Knowing how much RAM you have in Windows 10 is easy

There are two ways for you to know what RAM memory your computer has:

  • Setting. Access the settings from the Windows Start Menu. Go to system, then click on "about" (it is the last option in the box on the right) and there you will have various information such as what is your processor, what is the version of the operating system you have installed or the name of the device. There one of the first information you will see is what your RAM memory is.


  • With a keyboard shortcut. Press at the same time on your keyboard Control + Shift (the shift key) + Esc (all located in the left area of ​​the keyboard). This is how you access the Task Manager. In the performance tab, click on memory and there they tell you the amount of RAM you have. There is also information such as the speed at which your team is working.


The importance of RAM


RAM memory is one of the most valuable resources of a computer, or that means that a computer with little capacity is translated into a limited machine. Not only is it important to buy quality equipment, but so is taking care of the RAM memory so that your PC does not end up being extremely slow.

RAM memory it will make your team's software work more agile and efficient. The type of memory depends a lot on how you use your PC, and also on other aspects such as the cooling system you have installed on your computer. Thus, Windows also gives its users the possibility to perform tricks that will free up your RAM.

If you need more advanced information, such as knowing what type of RAM you have installed and in what configuration, an application like CPU-Z is very simple but effective in telling you all that in its 'Memory' tab. It is a safe and highly recommended app to know everything about our PC.