How to install and view Plex on Kodi and why it may be better than doing it in its official apps

In Genbeta we have already talked about how to watch HBO, Disney + and Netflix on Kodi, counting that, in addition to being able to availability on more devices than those officially allowed, there are important advantages when it comes to choosing image quality, sound quality, etc..

For this reason, today we are going to count how to install and watch Plex on Kodi, through the addon that allows it in the official Kodi repository. That is, you will not have to install anything external or authorize third-party sources, which can always be a potential security problem. The first thing is, of course, to have a Plex account, either free or paid.

How to install the Plex addon on Kodi

Install Kodi Video Addons

Installing Plex on Kodi 18 Leia or Kodi 19 Matrix is ​​as simple as following these steps:

  • From the beginning of Kodi select Add-ons in the side menu on the left.

  • Then select Download.

  • Choose Video add-ons.

  • Scroll through the list until you get to "P" and click on Plex. Currently version 0.3.3 is available.

Plex Repository

From there, we will have to press or click on the command on Plex, and we will see a screen where we can choose different options, having to select "Install".

Plex Install

After installing, we will only have to log in with our account, being the most comfortable to use the service in a browser in which we enter the four-digit password that the client gives us, in this case the Plex addon on Kodi.


With the session already started, being an official addon, unlike Netflix or Disney +, we will see a Plex interface that does look a lot like that of its official applications on iOS, Android, Smart TV, etc. In this way, the learning curve will be very small, and the interface will have almost all the advantages of the apps but with the addition of Kodi.

What is the advantage of seeing Plex on Kodi compared to official applications

Plex tv

The advantages of watching Plex on Kodi they depend a lot on the devices where we have official application. In the case of a server, for example, the device where I use Plex the most is an LG television. In it, there is a decent official Plex client.

However, due to limitations of the LG platform, if I want to watch videos with PGS subtitles, the server will have to transcode the movie. However, if I use the Netflix addon, I can see the video with subtitles with direct playback (Direct Play). In this way, the file is obtained in its original quality and the server does not have to make an extra effort in real time, only to serve the file on the network. On an Apple TV, for example, the Plex client also does not transcode in these cases.

Another advantage of Plex on Kodi is that we can benefit from its new subtitle settings, which we can thank for not burning OLED panels and tire our eyes, or even to search for subtitles in addons that we have installed, beyond the options that Plex offers for it.

Plex vs Kodi: which is better and which system to choose

Depending on the device we use Kodi on, another advantage of the Plex addon is that it can output HD audio in cases where a TV cannot handle the internal application. It is my case with the LG TV it is like that, while with Plex on Kodi on an Nvidia Shield I get full Dolby Atmos.

By last, with Plex on Kodi I have been able to view content in Dolby Vision from the Fire TV Stick 4K in one that on TV (which supports Dolby Vision) they only get to be reproduced as HDR10, losing all the frame-by-frame control provided by dynamic metadata.

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