How to disable the Windows 10 notification center

As with many of the functions that come integrated into operating systems, the notification center (or Activity Center, which is its real name) in Windows 10 can be one of those functions that we want to deactivate if it is annoying for whatever reason.

In order to disable notification center Windows 10, it is necessary to generate a new value in the operating system registry. It is an easy task that can be reversed if needed. Let's see how to do it.

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Disable notification center from Windows Registry

In order to hide notification center you should:

  • Go to the search engine on the start bar, and type "regedit" and start the application to open the Windows Registry. You can also invoke it with the Windows + R shortcut and by typing regedit and running.

  • Look for "HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Explorer" with Ctrl + F.

  • In case it is not, you must right click on the folder (or key) Windows, which you will find following the upper path until before Explorer and create a new key, with a right button on the Windows folder / key, until selecting: * New -> Key. This new password will be named "Explorer".


  • Once you have the generated key, you must create the configuration to remove the notification center. For that you select "Explorer", and right click on the right section of the window and select New -> DWORD value (32 bit), whose name will have "DisableNotificationCenter”.


  • Once created, you will double click on it, and where it says "Value information", you will change the 0 to 1.

  • Restart the system.

  • If you want to recover the news center, you will simply have to put a zero where there is a one, and restart again.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that this will not remove the notifications that appear on the right of the screen. To deactivate that you must go to Configuration / System / Notifications and Actions, and disable the notifications you want.

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