how to clean the speaker of your Xiaomi from the settings menu

More and more Xiaomi phones come with a double stereo speaker, even mid-range alternatives, such as the POCO X3 NFC. By having such powerful speakers, Xiaomi gives an option to clean the speakers through the settings themselves of the telephone. Point out that This option is not available for all Xiaomi phones, but yes for we can as popular as the POCO or some of their high-end mobiles.

It is a setting that is somewhat hidden and that makes the speakers literally blow out all the dust and water they might have. It is a great option to have on hand.

Clean the speakers of your Xiaomi thanks to this MIUI 12 setting

There are several Xiaomi mobiles that allow clean the speakers from the system's own settings. The mechanism is quite simple, and it is that fairly loud audio plays for 30 seconds in order to expel all the particles that the speakers may contain. We speak in the plural because most of Xiaomi phones that have this function have a dual speaker system, the most prone to damage over time.

To carry out this process we just have to follow these steps, and we already tell you that everything is done from the system settings:

Clean Speaker

  • Open the MIUI 12 settings

  • Click on 'Additional settings'

  • Now click on 'Clean speaker'

  • Activate the function

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Xiaomi itself indicates that it is advisable to use this function once or twice if we detect that our speaker is slightly blocked by dust. In the event that the speaker is quite blocked, they recommend use the function two to five times while we shake the phone, to expel all the particles that may have accumulated.

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