how to check tax data from your Android mobile

As every year around this time, we are about to start the campaign to carry out the Income Statement for 2020. Although the draft is not yet available, the Tax Agency already allows taxpayers to consult the fiscal data for the year.

How? Through its official application, which we can download on the mobile through Google Play. Following, we explain step by step what to do to consult that data. Thus, when you have to confirm or modify the draft in a few days, you will be more prepared.

Your tax data in a few steps

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For some years now, the Tax Agency has had an official application that can be obtained for free both in the App Store and in Google Play because, obviously, it is compatible with both mobile operating systems. Of course, it is important to be careful not to download any of the "false" apps for rent that appear every year in the application stores.

Electronic DNI vs digital certificate: what are the differences

Once the official app of the Tax Agency has been downloaded (for Android 6.0 or higher), the next step is to accept its privacy policy. The app's home page will appear instantly, but to enter any of the options, you will have to identify yourself with one of the three methods available: a reference number, with the Cl @ ve PIN or with an electronic certificate (the latter only through the browser, not the app).

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If you choose the Cl @ ve PIN (the simplest), you must enter the DNI and its validity date, in addition to the PIN you will receive in the Cl @ ve PIN application or by SMS. If you choose the reference number, you will have to put the alphanumeric code received in an SMS or letter, or obtain said reference after entering the figure that appears in a specific box of the previous year's return.

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Once identified, with your session already started, the first thing the application asks you to do is that you modify or ratify your tax address. When you have corrected or confirmed the information requested, you will see the home screen again. Click on the first option (2020 income) and a new menu will appear with options:

  • Processing status: available from April 7).

  • Draft / declaration processing: available from April 7.

  • Tax data 2020.

  • Appointment: available from May 4.

  • Declarations of previous years- Includes returns for the last five years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019).

  • Ratification of tax domicile.

  • More services from Renta 2020: here you can consult a calendar with the most important dates of the 2020 income campaign.

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As we can see, some options are not available yet, but the one that interests us (2020 fiscal data) is. By clicking on it you can check what information of the year 2020 does the Treasury have about you, including your data and your tax address, income from work and bank accounts, aid received, contributions, etc.

Tax agency

Tax agency