How to change the region of your Xiaomi in MIUI 12 to unlock its full potential

We are going to show you how you can change the registration on your Xiaomi mobile and explain the advantages that doing so can have. It is a fairly widespread practice when it comes to customizing a Xiaomi mobile and, although it is not very hidden, we may not be clear about how it is done and what it implies.

Change region it is done in a matter of seconds And it does not carry any risk, so you just have to follow the steps that we are going to show you below, since it is a simple process.

How to change the region of your Xiaomi and why

Xiaomi Poco

Xiaomi mobiles, at least in Spain, usually come with either the global version or the European version. They are versions adapted at the software level to certain regulations of our territory, so there are certain limitations regarding what the ROM can offer.

Changing region removes some limitations that the global or European ROM may have, such as various customization issues

The main limitations that we find have to do with the volume that, due to restrictions of the European Union, can be somewhat capped in the global and European ROMs. The second major limitation is that most of the themes of the app 'themes' They do not appear with the region set to Spain, so by changing it we access a whole world for personalization in Xiaomi.

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In order to change the region on your Xiaomi you have to follow these steps:

Change Region Xiaomi

  • Go to the settings of your Xiaomi

  • In the search bar type 'region'

  • Click on the 'region' option that will appear

  • Now select another region, we recommend 'India'

In case your time is changed, all you have to do is adjust it manually. Ready, now go to the 'themes' application and you will see that the list of available themes has completely changed. In the same way, depending on the device we have, we may also see the volume increased through playback with headphones.

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