How to Backup All Your Photos with Amazon Photos

There are just 43 days left until June 1, 2021, the date when the free storage of Google Photos will end. Google Photos backup will continue to work, but it will be deducted from Google's shared storage, which is 15GB for free accounts. It is a good time to search alternatives to backup your photos.

Of all the alternatives to make a backup copy of your photos, Amazon Photos is one of the most solvent because, those who already pay for Amazon Prime, have unlimited storage without compression for photos. We tell you how you can configure and start using the backup of Amazon Photos on an Android mobile.

What Amazon Photos offers you

Before you start uploading your huge collection of photos to Amazon's servers, it is important that check the fine print than Amazon Photos offers you, as there are a few nuances worth considering. It is not a perfect replacement for Google Photos, although the truth is that none of its alternatives is.

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First of all, Amazon Photos offers 5 GB of free storage for everyone, but the greatest interest of the application is for those who pay Amazon Prime. Prime users have Unlimited photo storage and in original format, without compression. Today, Amazon Prime has a cost of about 36 euros a year with which you get several advantages.

The biggest drawback of Amazon Photos in relation to Google Photos is that this unlimited storage only includes photos and not videos. You can also make a backup copy of your videos, but what they occupy will be deducted from your storage space, which is 5 GB free for everyone.


If you already pay for Amazon Prime and want to make a backup copy of your videos as well, you will need to buy additional storage when the 5 GB is full. You can do it from the application itself, with prices ranging from 100 GB for 1.99 euros per month to 1 TB for 9.99 euros per month.

How to make a copy of your photos

A good point about Amazon Photos is that activating the backup is very easy. After installing the application, you must log in with the Amazon account with an active Prime subscription, and then grant the mandatory permission to access all the files on the mobile.

That's when an options window appears where there are basically two settings: automatic saving and mobile data. Automatic save will take care of making a copy of your photos and videos without you needing to do anything, while Mobile data It will be used to make the copy even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection.


After pressing Clever, Amazon Photos will start scanning your mobile for photos and videos and you will most likely see several confirmation windows, asking you if you want to include photos and videos from specific folders, such as the download. For some reason, even if you check the box Proceed like this with all new folders in the future, the application will ask you one after another for other possible folders.

At this point, Amazon Photos will already be uploading photos to its servers at full capacity, and you can see the status both from a notification on the mobile and from the tab More in the app. If you have a lot of photos and videos, it may take a few hours, depending on your internet connection.


This is a good time to go to Amazon Photos settings to change some options that were not present in the startup wizard. You will find the settings in the tab More, tapping on Setting.

In the settings, a section that you will be interested in visiting is Save automatically, where you can deactivate the backup of videos (if you wish) or configure the application so that it only makes the backup when the mobile is connected to a charger.


From that same place, tapping on Manage folders you can choose what mobile folders you want to be included in the backup and which ones are not, by checking and unchecking the box next to them.

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