How to activate subtitles in real time in Google Chrome

Step by step, we see how to use one of the best accessibility features available in the browser

It's complicated 100% dominate an application, because there are always functions that we do not know or that we do not know how to take full advantage of. It happens to us with Google Chrome, a web browser that we have already talked about at length but about which we continue to discover new tools. This is how we will do it in this article, in which we will know how to enable real-time subtitles in Google Chrome.

That's right, the Google browser has a accessibility feature designed for the hearing impaired showing the subtitles of videos and audios reproduced within the platform.

Although it is focused on the use by those users, anyone with Google Chrome can take advantage of this tool to know what happens in a video or audio without having to listen to it or, for example, to learn English. Whatever the reason, the use of subtitles in Google Chrome is extremely useful, so it is best to learn how to use them on Android and on PC.

Subtitles in real time Google Chrome

You can turn on Google Chrome subtitles on Android and PC.

How to activate Google Chrome subtitles on Android

Google Chrome subtitles act in real time to show you the immediate transcription of video or audio that you are playing within the browser, regardless of the website in question.

In addition to activating them, you have the possibility of choose the language in which the subtitles will appear and the appearance of them: default, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue… You can even customize the style by selecting the most suitable colors for your view.

There isn't much else you need to know about how these subtitles work, so let's learn how to activate them in Google Chrome on Android:

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner.
  2. In the options menu, tap "Setting".
  3. Swipe down and select "Accessibility", in the "Advanced configuration" section.
  4. On the menu "Accessibility", select “Subtitles”.
  5. Slide the button to the right "Use subtitles" to activate them. Then configure the standard options to select the language, font size, and caption style.

How to activate subtitles in real time in Google Chrome

After activating this useful accessibility tool, the subtitles will automatically appear in Google Chrome when playing videos and audios so that you can know their transcription. In addition, this function is an opportunity also to add English subtitles to those videos that don't have them, on YouTube for example.

How to activate Google subtitles on PC

Of course, realtime subtitles are also available on the desktop version of Google Chrome, the one you use daily on your computer. The utility is the same as the one we have discussed in Android, although the steps to follow to install them vary slightly. Are these:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer and click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner.
  2. In the options menu that appears, click on "Setting".
  3. In the left side menu click on "Advanced configuration" for new options to appear.
  4. Choose "Accessibility", among those new options deployed.
  5. Within the "Accessibility" section, activates the “Automatic subtitles” function. As noted below, subtitles are created automatically for English video and audio content. Before using this tool, you will have to wait a few seconds while download speech recognition files necessary for its operation.
  6. Click on "Subtitle preferences" to configure the color, transparency, style, size and effects of the subtitles that will appear in Google Chrome from the computer settings, that is, the aesthetics of the same.

How to activate subtitles in real time in Google Chrome

Afterwards, you will only have to go to platforms like YouTube to verify that the subtitles in real time in Google Chrome perfectly fulfill their function. These will appear in a window that you can move around the screen at will to put it in the right place. In addition, if you click on the small arrow that appears at the bottom of the box, you can enlarge the size of it.

We can say that, after testing this function for a few hours, it has already become one of our favorites from Google Chrome. For this reason, we encourage you to activate the subtitles in real time of the browser to take advantage of its usefulness now.

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