how is it done, what animals are there and what do you need

At last year's Google I / O, Google showed us how it brought augmented reality to its searches: certain objects and animals can be displayed in 3D in your room with the help of Google's augmented reality technology. Best of all, it's as easy as doing a Google search.

In this way, you can take photos with animals in 3D directly from the Google application and with the advantage that the animal is intended to be represented on a real scale. It is an entertaining way to pass the time, although you need certain requirements to be able to use this function. Here we will tell you what animals are available and what you need to see them.

What do you need to see animals in 3D on Google

Shark You can see the animal in 3D (left) on almost any mobile. With augmented reality (right), in those with support for ARCore

First of all, we must distinguish between what we mean by seeing animals in 3D. This is because Google has two ways of doing it: as a 3D object on a white background and embedded in the background via augmented reality.

In practically any Android mobile with a recent browser you will be able to see the animals in 3D, although to see them with augmented reality You will have to have RA Google Play Services installed, formerly known as ARCore. You can download them from Google Play:

Google Play services for AR

Google Play services for AR

You need, therefore, that your mobile is compatible with Google's augmented reality. You can find the list of ARCore compatible mobiles here. If your mobile is not there, keep in mind that Google includes new models periodically.

What animals are available

pony There is not a complete list, so you will have to try until you see a section like this

Google hasn't published a complete list of which animals are available, although we can find a good number of them through trial and error. The easiest way to check if your favorite animal is included is do a google search and see if the relevant box appears.

Over time, Google has been adding more animals and other 3D objects in various sorts. The first 3D objects with augmented reality that Google incorporated into its search engine were the following animals:

  • Eagle

  • Alligator

  • Horse

  • Goat

  • Cat

  • Cheetah

  • Labrador

  • Lion

  • Wolf

  • Sea urchin

  • Bear

  • Panda

  • Pug

  • Duck

  • Dog

  • Penguin

  • Pony

  • Octopus

  • Rottweiler

  • Snake

  • Shark

  • Tiger

  • Turtle

  • Akita

Later, Google upped the ante with an additional 50 animals including hippos, squirrels, giraffes and various breeds of dogs. These are the 50 additional animals that were added:

  • Australian pastor

  • Beagle

  • Bengal cat

  • Border collie

  • Bulldog

  • Bull terrier

  • cane Corso

  • Chihuahua

  • Chipmunk

  • Chow chow

  • Cocker

  • Coyote

  • Dachshund

  • Dobermann

  • Donkey

  • Fennec fox

  • German shepherd

  • Giraffe

  • Great dane

  • Guinea pig

  • Hamster

  • Hippopotamus

  • Little cat

  • Korean jindo

  • Maine Coon

  • Maltese

  • Milk cow

  • Norwegian forest cat

  • Ox

  • Persian cat

  • Pig

  • Pitbull

  • Poodle

  • Puppy

  • Rag doll

  • Red Panda

  • Russian blue

  • Schnauzer

  • Scottish fold

  • Shiba Inu

  • Shih Tzu

  • Siamese cat

  • Siberian Husky

  • Sphynx cat

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • Yorkshire terrier

  • Zebra

Of course, it did not end there. In successive updates, eight more Australian animals and a select group of assorted Halloween-inspired animals and objects were added, as well as entire cars. These are other 3D animals and objects available:

How to take photos with animals in 3D

If you are interested in testing these animals in 3D from Google search, remember that you will need to have RA Google Services installed on your mobile. Later, do a google search for the animal you are interested in. Scroll through the results until you see a special box with a 3D animal preview and the button View in 3D.

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This button will appear on both ARCore-compatible mobiles and those that do not, as it first shows the 3D model of the animal on a white background. The difference is that on mobile phones with ARCore, a button appears below it: See in your space. The first time you press it, you will receive a window with information and you must grant permission for the camera and access to the storage.

Allow access

The image from the camera of your mobile will then be displayed, as well as the indications that move the mobile in circles while aiming at the ground so that you can detect it correctly and place the animal where you want.


And that's it, you already have your animal (or other objects, as it is also possible, for example with planets) integrated into your room with augmented reality. Touching the trigger is done a photo that is saved in the mobile gallery. By touching the animal you can move it around the scene, rotate and modify its scale.

In the same way, if you want record a short video Using the camera of your mobile and the 3D animal with augmented reality, all you have to do is press and hold the shutter button. The maximum duration is 30 seconds.

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