home automation, tasks, maintenance and more

The technology came to stay; It is in practically all the activities we carry out: professionals and home, developing in the latter a home automation that makes it easy to do tasks.

This incorporation of the technology in homes is becoming more and more frequent, so much so that best apps for home automation, chores and home maintenance, allowing routine tasks to be done in a simple and fast way.

Applications include automatic systems for diverse areas What communications, security, access to housing, comfort and others. Everything is easier with these practices apps to manage the homeFrom making coffee to opening or closing doors.

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These are the best applications for home automation, tasks, maintenance and more

  • Nest - Watch your home
  • Clintu - Services for your Home
  • Porter - Transportation and removals
  • FamilyWall: Household Tasks
  • Houseinhand KNX
  • Home Connect App
  • Google Home
  • WardenCam

These and others home automation apps, maintenance and other tasks, are easily accessible, varied and simple to use; adapt to user needs and efficiently manage resources increasing the comfort level of people. Here we will describe these options, specifying features, functions and prices. Let's get started!

Nest - Watch your home

Nest - Watch your home

One app for all Nest products - your home at your fingertips

Your system uses sensors to exercise on / off control in alarms, lights, heating and both internal and external cameras. What's more, Nest It is capable of detecting carbon monoxide and smoke; record videos in 1080p HD (Dropcam pro and Nest Cam), view objects, people and packages that are deposited at the door (Nest Hello) and use password to open / close doors and locks.

Thanks to Nest Cam you will be able to see free recordings of the last three hours and choose if it will be continuous or event-based video, and if you are subscribed to Nest Aware and you save images in your Google account, you can enter them, view them and delete them whenever you want.

For its part, Nest Hub Max, offers face and image discovery functions (Face Match) and quick gestures. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Home automation apps that exist to manage the home.

Clintu - Services for your Home

Clintu one of the best apps for home automation, homework and home maintenance

Clintu: Services for your Home and Office

Excellent app to request professional services any day of the week related to paint, cleaning, moving and general maintenance of homes, shops, businesses and commercial premises. In the same way Clintu on its official portal it offers you employment as a cleaning expert; You only have to register indicating willingness and work to be done.

You have AXA insurance to cover unforeseen events. The download is free for Android and the cost of the cleaning service ranges from 10 euros per hour.

Porter - Transportation and removals

Porter - Transportation and removals

Porter is the best app for transportation and moving services

This platform for Android and iOS gives you the option to select point of origin and destination, day and time of the service of what you want to load, be it light or heavy.

With Porter can you do moving, shopping in department stores, dumping rubble, throwing away old furniture, shopping online, carrying heavy loads and suitcases.

As if that were not enough, your objects are insured with a policy in the event of an incident and you can hire the services of Porter since 1 hour and up to 30 days in advance. Service is cheap and fast and the download of the app is free.

FamilyWall: Household Tasks

FamilyWall Household chores

FamilyWall to organize family life and keep everyone informed

If you want organize your family life, this app is for you and your family. FamilyWall Offers effective messaging, shared calendar of the whole family or of a person, family locator, shopping list, video / photo album and directory of important contacts as a babysitter, doctor, police, insurance, among others.

Through a mobile, tablet or PC the whole family can access the app, create shopping lists, from homework, labor and home and even keep an eye on your children by tracking their location. Its download is free and it has 30 day trial; However the Premium plan costs € 4.99 / month.

Houseinhand KNX

Houseinhand KNX one of the best apps for home automation

Use Houseinhand KNX to control your home in a fast and intuitive way

This app control lights, air conditioning, Blinds and other devices KNX; It also handles audiovisual equipment such as DVD, televisions and audio equipment; it also controls IP cameras and video intercoms, all in real time.

You can create comfortable environments minutes before arriving home, lower the brightness level, adjust temperature, put on some relaxing music ..., all according to your tastes and needs. Available for Android and iOS.

Home Connect App

Home Connect App

Monitor and directly access the programs of your appliances with the Home Connect App

It is one of the best apps for home automation and housework, is ideal for those who are passionate about cooking, as this software, in addition to carrying blind control, lights, security and appliances, offers a variety of recipes that can be sent to the appliance so you can start making them in advance.

In addition, it has camera for the fridge, showing the food you have, facilitating the purchases of what is missing if you are in the supermarket. It is safe and has personal account with password.

If you want to have other smart services you can connect to IFTTT, no need for specific hardware to get started. You can also access user instruction manuals to install, update or repair devices.

Google Home

Google Home to manage your home

Google Home gives you a comprehensive view of your home

Of course, in this list we could not leave out Google Home. It is one of the apps for home automation by excellence. So much so, that it is able to configure, control and manage cameras, lights, thermostats and others.

What's more, play music, dim lights to watch TV or movies, parental control and the best, visualize your house, reviewing variables and events. It is one of the most complete and free software that exists for home automation.



As its name indicates, thanks to WardenCam you can keep an eye on all your family and friends on security issues, no matter how far they are from you. In addition, it is ideal for parents with small babies, since it serves to visualize their rooms and even in the dark.

As if that were not enough, it is capable of detecting Movements and Feature Alert offering flawless performance. It has free service for the first 24 hours extendable, but if you want 24/7 surveillance opt for him Premium plan and make a single payment.

You can install the app on your mobile and the replacement device anywhere and thus start inspect your home or office from your mobile device as long as you meet Conected to internet.

Now that you know some of the best apps for home automation, chores and home maintenance; you know how wonderful, safe and practical What are they. With them you can delegate functions, from turn lights on / off, household appliances, even watching the children while they sleep and who enters and leaves the house when you are absent.

This is how we can control our home from our Android Wear smartwatch

Best of all, you can be protected and above all have good moments of relaxation and tranquility. If you liked this article, surely you want to learn how to decorate your house for Christmas with these mobile apps, or better yet, know the 11 best gardening apps to take care of your plants.

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