Group video calls will arrive on Telegram this May, and yes, they will be superior to WhatsApp

Telegram video calls will have screen sharing, encryption, noise cancellation, and support for desktop and tablet versions.

One of the WhatsApp features that has become the most popular in recent times due to COVID-19 are group video calls and now Pavel Durov has just announced on his official channel that these will reach Telegram in the month of May and, in addition they will be quite superior to those of the messaging application owned by Facebook.

telegram group video calls

We can already make group video calls on Telegram starting next month

Telegram to debut group video calls in May

After introducing the arrival of new features such as payments in chats and two additional versions of its web client, Telegram has now just announced through the mouth of one of its founders, Pavel Durov, that group video calls will arrive on your platform next month.

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In this case, they will be vitaminized video calls, far superior to WhatsApp video calls because they will have such remarkable features as encryption, screen sharing, noise cancellation so that the audio of the call is almost perfect, and, in addition, they will have support for both desktop applications such as tablet applications.


Pavel Durov himself has claimed that his video calls are "Everything you can expect from a modern video conferencing tool, but with a user interface, speed and encryption at the Telegram level".

This is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated functions by Telegram users and it can cause a massive leak from WhatsApp, especially if we take into account that the deadline to accept the new conditions of use of the latter it's may 15.

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A date that, coincidentally, will coincide with the arrival on Telegram of this new function, which, after the recent integration of voice chats on the platform, is the icing on the cake of Telegram, today, more than ever, in the best possible alternative to WhatsApp.

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