Google reveals why there are things that do not appear in Google

Why is there content that does not appear on Google?

When you don't know about something, Google it. Because we may like the services of the big G more or less, but there is no doubt that its search engine is not only the most complete, but also the most precious and fast when it comes to offering answers.

Now, does Google know everything? Well, oddly enough, no. There are certain topics that do not appear in Google and the reasons for this can be many and varied. Let's get to know the two main ones.

Why don't certain topics appear on Google

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Believe it or not, there is content banned on Google

It is explained to us by the company of the big G in its official blog and there are certain topics that no matter how much we search in Google, we will never find information about them.

First are the issues that violate the law of the different states. That is, any web page that does not meet the legal requirements of a country can be removed from Google searches. For example, websites that violate car rights and more extreme cases such as child pornography.

As Google indicates, the laws depend on each country so content can be enabled in one and disabled in another, since in short they are quite complex issues.

On the other hand is what we call the Right to be forgotten. On the internet you can find a lot of information and even some web pages can contain highly personal information so interested parties can request the removal of such content in Google search results.

In short, if something does not appear in Google, the safest thing is because either it does not exist or because such content is against state laws, or simply because someone has requested the removal of such information from the network. Google knows everything, but not everything can be taught on the Internet.

How the Google search engine works


How does the Google search engine work? Very easy.

Even before we start searching the internet, Google organizes the information on web pages in an index. To give us an idea, Google tells us that this index is like a library but much larger and with much more information than all the libraries in the world put together.

In just a few fractions of a second, google search algorithms review the millions of web pages in this library with the aim of find the best and most relevant results, and of course the most useful.

In this way the next time you do a search in Google and in just a few thousandths of a second the search engine returns you millions of results, do not say that it is magic but the good work of Mountain View engineers.

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