Google Play thoroughly renews the apps section dedicated to Wear OS watches

The category of applications dedicated to Wear OS smartwatches has received a generous design change within Google Play: different sections with featured apps, selections by type of use and even the best watchfaces. If you have a Wear OS smartwatch it's worth a look.

Smart watches not only transfer part of the smartphones to the wrist in order to easy to use without the phone, they also offer sports, sleep and activity log, among many other functions. Not all are the same since we could divide them into those that can install applications and those that cannot. Wear OS is one of the first: this operating system is very versatile and complete. So much so that it is not always easy to find valid and recommendable apps.

Find the best apps for Wear OS easily, both on mobile and on the web

Wear Os Google Play

It was about time Google revamped the Wear OS section of the Play Store. Heir to Android Wear, as stated in the URL of that section, with the redesign finding compatible apps is not only easier, but also more visual. And with recommendations to easily find the essential software.

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To access the renewed section for watches you must go to the lower menu of 'Apps', within your Google Play; then look at the top 'Categories' tab and locate the 'Wear OS by Google' menu (it's at the end of the whole). In the event that you are browsing from your computer, just click on this direct link. From the web you can remotely install the applications just by logging into your Google account.

Featured applications with the most recommended software for watches, the basic apps to take advantage of Wear OS, the always welcome selection of featured spheres, the most downloaded compatible applications from Google Play and a complete selection by different categories of apps so that it is not so difficult to get the watch to behave as desired.

Wear Os Google Play

The renewed Wear OS section is now accessible on Google Play. Hopefully the store refreshes the different selections frequently and that it is not as abandoned as it happened until now. Who knows, maybe this movement is the prelude to the next Pixel Watch.

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