Google Phone adds an option to automatically record calls from strangers

We knew it had been on the way since the beginning of the year and now it has started to activate some users: automatic call recording for calls from strangers It already appears as an option to some users.

While Google began adding call recording functionality to its own phone app more than a year ago, its rollout remains limited to a few regions. In them, now Google takes the recording one step further, giving the option to automatically record calls of strangers.

Record calls automatically

After the dark ages in Android call recording, since Google blocked the method used by most apps in Android Pie, last year a ray of hope emerged: Google added the recording function directly in your Phone app, albeit in test mode and in a few regions.

How to record phone calls on iOS and Android

The way to record calls from the Google application involved pressing the record button during an ongoing call, but now Google is adding a way to automate the recording. From the phone application settings, a new section is appearing for those who could already record calls manually: always record.


From these settings, you can choose if you want it to be automatically record calls from numbers that you don't have in your phonebookas well as selecting a manual list of phone numbers from your contacts whose calls will be recorded.

By activating automatic recording, Google reminds you that both you and the other person could be in a region that requires consent before recording, as well as that the system informs the other person by means of a locution that the conversation is being recorded.

Google Phone - Caller ID and Antispam

Google Phone - Caller ID and Antispam

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