Google launches a new tool to draw and animate your drawings in 3D

Google creates Monster Mash for everyone to enjoy with hassle-free 3D animation ... Artificial intelligence to power!

At this point if we talk about doing 3d animation Surely powerful equipment capable of rendering in seconds comes to mind, in addition to a very complicated design and modeling job that, indeed, we are not going to fool anyone, it is a complex process that requires specific knowledge or training as well as an innate talent for creativity.

Anyway, we have not come here to get rid of your illusions but rather to encourage you to experiment with 3D animation, because thanks to artificial intelligence Google proposes us with Monster mash a fun new tool to help us create our first animated monsters, without major complications and, as the Android Police colleagues explained to us, within the reach of all users and all machines.

Monster Mash Demo

Monster Mash Demo, 3D animation for everyone 'made by Google'.

It is as you will see of a simple web application so that any beginner, myself included, can take our first steps in 3D animation, in a casual way and getting ideas before moving on to more complex and professional tools.

Google wants any user to be able to experience 3D animation, and for this it proposes this 'Monster Mash' tool where artificial intelligence makes sense to make things easier for us.

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All its possibilities were explained to us by Google itself in its AI blog, in addition to announcing that it is a tool Open source with the publication of the source code of Monster mash in the GitHub repositories so that anyone can "play" with the tool and adapt it if necessary.

The truth is Monster mash does not do anything on the other planet until we get to the AI ​​part, because initially you will see a blank page where you can draw freehand your creations, which afterwards and fully automatically will be "transformed" by AI into something three-dimensional that can be animated.

Google launches a new tool to draw and animate your drawings in 3D

Doing it is as simple as draw the body of your little monster, then painting the extremities, leaving open the parts that would intersect with the body. This can be interpreted by artificial intelligence after Monster mash to create extensions that protrude from the body without being part of it.

If we do double click on any limb that we have painted, this will be reflected on another side of the 3D model symmetrically, facilitating the creation of legs or arms.

Once this is done It only remains to “inflate” the model by pressing the upper button, so that the AI ​​works its magic and creates an object that we can animate from the corresponding tab. You choose the part of the body to manipulate and everything is ready, you can move it to the desired position, create points of articulation or record movements and make animations somewhat more complex.

Google launches a new tool to draw and animate your drawings in 3D

Google proposes us in fact Some examples more:

Google launches a new tool to draw and animate your drawings in 3D

In the whole process it is the AI ​​that is in charge of trying to make sense of it recognizing what we are painting, and also what we are trying to do with the animated object, so there are not too many complications when creating our first animated scenes.

The idea is good and it has entertained me for a long time doing things, so without a doubt we encourage you to try it because you still find here, in 3D animation, your great passion and, who knows, even a professional career ... Could it be, or not?

Google launches a new tool to draw and animate your drawings in 3D

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