Google Clock has exceeded 1 billion downloads on Google Play

Google Clock reaches the milestone of 1 billion downloads on Android, and is probably already the most used alarm clock on the planet.

It is not the first nor will it be the last, in fact a lot of basic google apps for Android they have already exceeded one billion downloads in the Google Play Store, but in this case, as our colleagues from Android Police told us, the Google Clock is special for having long been Android's default alarm app.

And it is that yes, since Google began the process of lightening the core of the system to facilitate its updates, the truth is that many manufacturers continue to offer some of their apps as basic and pre-installed, although these applications are now accessed from the Google Play Store personally on the devices of many other manufacturers, which would confirm that, among a sea of ​​options, Google Clock is still the most popular alarm app on the platform.

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It has taken a long time, yes, to sign these 1 billion downloads compared to other Google apps, but it is certainly It is not as easy to replace Google Maps as it is to install any alarm that we find in the Play Store, and to show the button that Google itself offers Timely as an alternative with a much more careful design.

In addition, you have to take into account what it means that more than 1,000 million people use an app like Google Clock to wake up in the morning, and that is it has merit to enter into the daily routine of so many people in this way, surely convincing due to its simplicity and integration compared to other similar, more powerful but more confusing apps.

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In fact, it is that Google Clock could be considered a simple utility that allows us to access the global time, alarms, a stopwatch and useful timers, but in reality probably the most popular alarm clock in the world currently taking into account their figures.

And as if this were not enough, from Google they have never forgotten to evolve their interface and improve the application to adapt it to the future, with new functions such as bedtime and customizable routines, activity tracking when we go to bed and even silent alarms that use lighting to wake us up in a more natural way.

And if you haven't given it a chance since Google separated it from core of Android, maybe it's time because now, it is also compatible with Spotify or YouTube Music to wake us up with our favorite songs ... Can you ask for more from such a simple app?

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