Google Chrome slow? With these tricks you can accelerate the speed of the most popular browser

Google Chrome is the most popular and most used browser and that alternatives such as Edge or Firefox are better than ever in terms of functions. In the case of the second, even at the user level, since it has long surpassed Firefox.

Many users complain about the slowness of Chrome, and that can lead them to want to change the browser, something that the editors of Genbeta even recommend, because today we like Edge more. However, if you prefer Chrome but it is slow and you want to try something that speeds up its operation, we are going to show you three ways you can try it.

Using the Task Manager and checking which extensions are consuming memory

Google Chrome has a "Task Manager" that, similar to the one offered by our team, seeks to provide information about the processes it handles. Is a utility that informs us if there is an open tab or extension that consumes too many resources.

For this we open the "Chrome Task Manager" going to the hamburger menu at the top and clicking on "More tools".


This opens a new window that indicates the consumption of extensions and eyelashes in order to determine the cause of the slowness of the equipment.


If there is something abnormal, we can mark that event and finish the process to reduce workload and improve speed.

We only have to click on "Restart now" for the changes to take effect. This can help you learn about extensions that are feeding on resources that you may not have seen at first glance.

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Using The Great Discarder

Chrome discarder

Although it is not a Chrome hack as such, and it is also valid for all Chromium browsers, one of the best ways to reduce the consumption of browser resources is by using The Great Discarder. It is an extension to discard eyelashes that have been open for a long time and without use.

Thus, this extension reduces the amount of RAM and the% of CPU that a tab can demand. Is a lighter alternative to The Great Suspender, which was recently suspended from the store.

Hardware acceleration

Now we are going to work with the setting "Hardware acceleration" with the aim of optimizing the use made of our team's graphics.

To do this we go to Chrome and open it, looking for the window "Setting" to enter the "Settings".


Once inside we enter "Advanced settings" and we seek "System". We must find the option called "Use hardware acceleration when available" and we activate it by placing the button in "ON".



How do you see it is about three very easy tricks to carry out to improve the performance of Google Chrome. If you want to improve PC performance, paradoxically Chrome can help you do so by replacing applications such as Discord, Spotify, Slack, WhatsApp and others with their PWAs, as we have here.