Google Chrome 90 now available on Google Play: these are the news

After going through their Canary, Dev, and Beta status, Google Chrome 90 stable for Android is now official and ready for download from Google Play or its APK. In addition to incorporating a good amount of bug fixes and security, there are some new features and behavior.

Among the changes in these updates we have the use HTTPS by default when typing a web address, AV1 codec support for video calls, more realistic augmented reality, and better clipboard integration.

HTTPS by default


To the despair of some, Google Chrome doesn't show the protocol in the address bar unless you hit the edit button. However, the protocol is still there, being HTTP or the most secure HTTPS, and it is now the default option when you type a web address.

That is, until now if you wrote Google com, Chrome interpreted that as, which generally what it did was redirect To save yourself the middle step, Chrome now resolves web addresses as HTTPS by default.

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AV1 codec for video calls


Google Chrome could already play video with the AV1 codec, but with Google Chrome 90 support for record video with this codec. Its application in video calls through WebRTC allows, according to Google, to make calls with a bandwidth use as limited as 30 Kbps.

Augmented reality enhancements

With Google Chrome 90, a new one arrives WebXR Depth Measurement API, that a web application can use to enhance the realism of rendering augmented reality experiences, such as Google's 3D animals.

With this API, it is possible to measure the distance from the device on which you are using Google Chrome -that is, your Android mobile- and other real objects in the environment, to perform occlusion calculations and physical.

Clipboard improvements


This novelty is not active from the factory, but it can be tested in Google Chrome 90 if the Chrome flag is activated #clipboard-filenames. Basically, this novelty will facilitate use clipboard to paste files, without the need to "drag" them.

This change allows Google Chrome read files from clipboard for use on web pages, such as pasting an attachment in an email. Without this chrome flag active, the system does not work as Chrome cannot access the path of the clipboard file.

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Google Chrome: fast and secure

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