Google Chrome 90 lands on mobiles and PCs with its new AV1 codec

With some additional improvements, Google Chrome 90 is presented almost exclusively showing off its new highly efficient codec.

Surely Chrome has been one of the most successful Google products in recent times, although it has already become the most used web browser in the world the truth is that from Mountain View they do not want to parties or rest on their laurels, while also keeping the pace of development high.

In fact, it is that we already have Google Chrome 90 among us on mobile devices, and very soon (a matter of hours) it will be safe also on desktop systems both Mac, Windows and Linux, to complete a distribution that, in a few days, will also be available in the form of Chrome OS 90 for Chromebook laptops.

Google Chrome 90

What can we expect from version 90 of Google Chrome?

The worst part is that this time Google presents us with very little news noteworthy at least in the final user experience, with an update almost focused on the arrival of the native support for the AV1 codec to desktop systems.

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Many of you will be wondering already what's so special about this AV1 codec to deserve an almost exclusive update to Google Chrome, and the truth is that it is quite important because this new codec offers a very high compression efficiency for prevent video streams from devouring massive amounts of data on devices with limited resources.

Developed by the Alliance for Open Media, an organization that brings together such important companies under its umbrella such as Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, AMD, Nvidia or Mozilla, in addition to Google itself, its raison d'être is to improve the quality of the video streamed in streaming even on slower internet connections or worse performance.


This is the new generation of the VP9 codec, this time open for you no one has to pay licenses to implement it, and already compatible with Mozilla Firefox for a while waiting for a giant of the sector like Google Chrome to admit it sooner or later.

Now is on the side of video platforms in streaming its inclusion to improve the user experience, while Chrome 90 features a changelog with some additional enhancements intended for web developers and less visible or focused on the end user.

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