Google Chrome 90 allows you to create links directly to a text that we want to highlight on a website: this is how it is done

A new functionality will arrive shortly in the millions of copies of Google Chrome installed by teams around the world: the ability to create links not just to a website, but to a text that we want to highlight within it.

The mechanism it's simple: select the portion of text you want to highlight, right-click on it and select the option "Copy link to featured text".

Featured Text

You can then paste the newly created link wherever you want, which is nothing more than the URL of the page in question followed by the symbols "#: ~: text= " and the text we have selected.

Whoever clicks on this link will see how the browser takes them to that particular section of the page, with the text highlighted in yellow. Basically the same thing that Google's own search engine does in some cases for a year now.

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What versions of Chrome include this new functionality?

If you have updated your Google Chrome, you will see that it is already in version 90 (check it in menu> Help> Google Chrome Information), so that you already have access to this new functionality.

However, this function not accessible by default, but we must access the experimental functions section (by entering in the search bar chrome: // flags), activate the option 'Copy Link to Text' there and restart the browser.

Another alternative would be fall back to the most unstable branch of Google Chrome, the 'Canary' (which is already in version 91), in which the link creation function is found enabled by default.

Or, finally, if you go from trial versions and you just want to keep using Chrome 'for a lifetime'While you wait for it to be updated, you can use the official Link to Text Fragment extension.

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