Gboard tests a faster way to paste texts from the clipboard

For a long time, the Google keyboard is optionally integrated with the clipboard, being able to use it to paste fragments of text and images that you have recently copied. If you just copied something to the clipboard, it appears as a suggestion at the top of the keyboard. Gboard is now testing a horizontal scrolling suggestion string.

Until now, there were two ways to use the clipboard in Gboard: by tapping on the clipboard icon to see the full manager, or by using the tips that appear above the keyboard. Instead of a single suggestion, Gboard is testing to display several, with the last items on the clipboard.

Paste in Gboard, even easier

If you use the clipboard a lot on your mobile, this interests you. Gboard is testing a faster way to paste text snippets directly into any application you can write to.

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Until now, Gboard showed you only the last fragment that you copied to the clipboard in the top bar. If you wanted to copy the previous fragment, you had to go to the Clipboard section and look for it in the list of Recent. In this Gboard test, the top bar with clipboard clips have horizontal scrolling.

Thus, if you copy four web addresses to the clipboard, one after the other, you can paste them in another application more quickly, by tapping on the four suggestions in the top bar. Without this feature, you could do it too, but it meant going into the Clipboard section of Gboard, with a few extra touches.

As usual, Google has activated this function for only a few users and, even if you have the latest version of Gboard, it is not a guarantee that it will be activated for you. There will be see if it ends up activating all users or if it stays by the way.

Gboard: the Google keyboard

Gboard: the Google keyboard

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