For the first time in years, Sony does not lose money with its mobiles

Sony Mobile is once again profitable and profitable, but the Xperia sales figures haven't really improved much.

It has been falling for so long that when Sony signed in 2020 its Annus horribilis in the mobile industry no one was too surprised, and that is that the Japanese manufacturer registered with only 3 million units of Xperia smartphones sold its worst figures since buying the joint-venture in full to his former partner Ericcson.

In any case, the news for minato is not so bad, and it is that as we anticipated the companions of PhoneArena, it seems that the restructuring initiated in the Sony mobile division seems to begin to bear fruit, with the first green numbers of Xperia smartphones in many years.

Sony Xperia 5

The truth is that we always expect a lot from Sony, and the truth is that their Xperia are always at the level in finishes.

Seeing and reviewing the figures of the other players in the market, if we tell you that Sony shipped only 400,000 Xperia smartphones in the first quarter of 2021 I'm sure many of you will think that things haven't changed too much, but these sales have reported benefits to the company for the first time in many quarters.

Sony Mobile is profitable after many exercises in losses, and from Japan they can finally celebrate a stability in minimums and the green shoots of their complete restructuring.

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Starting from the base, these 400,000 telephones represent another all-time low for Sony, but it is that at least the numbers have been maintained since the previous quarters in 2020, so it seems that the Japanese manufacturer has reached its ground and finally keeps stability to a minimum.

In any case, the most positive part is that Sony Mobile is finally profitable reporting earnings of $ 254.96 million in the fiscal year ending in March 2021, and don't be surprised because fiscal years in Japan end in March just as it happens in the UK and other markets.

They have something to celebrate at Sony, since their board of directors a few months ago began a deep restructuring which implied a very important cost reduction, confirming that smartphones were a priority business and that they would try to return to positive numbers by staying firm in the Xperia bet.

Good news and a joy to all, well the competition is good and Sony's potential is hugeAlthough Minato's men have a long way to go to try their return to the forefront.

The Sony Xperia 5 screen surrounded by lights

This is what the Xperia 5 looks like, one of Sony's latest flashy phones.

These are the latest news from Sony's Xperia family

In this first quarter of 2021, Sony's figures worsened slightly, although the manufacturer surprised us a few days ago with the official announcement of its new Xperia range from 2021 in full, three smartphones for all tastes that will try to better position Sony in a market that, for them, is still key.

Right here we leave you with all the information of each of the models, the Xperia 1 III as a flagship, the Xperia 5 III renewing Sony's compact high-end and a new Xperia 10 III that will compete in the mid / high cut:

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