FAST, the Netfix app to measure the speed of your Internet connection

Measure your Internet speed to see if you can watch your favorite series and movies in the best quality.

Knowing the speed of the Internet connection on your mobile does not have to imply the installation of paid applications or full of advertising. The solution is FAST, an application developed by Netflix with extremely high performance simple, free and without annoying ads.

Fast is a very useful application to know if your connection is fast enough to watch series or movies on Netflix with the highest quality available. And, as you already know, having a good connection is key to watch streaming videos, whether from Netflix or any other platform.

Fast Netflix App

Free and without ads, this is Fast, the Netflix app to know the speed of your Internet connection.

FAST, the Netfix app to measure the speed of your Internet connection

One of the best tools to measure the speed of your Internet connection is Fast, an application powered by Netflix that gives you this information regardless of whether your mobile is connected to a broadband network or you are using mobile data.

This app is not only used to know if you can trust your connection to watch Netflix at the best resolution, it is also a tool that allows you to know if your operator is offering you the guaranteed speed in your rate. As we have mentioned, its operation is extremely simple, but to try it you first have to download it.

Available in the Google Play Store for free, the Netflix application is also characterized by having a very small size, so you do not need a mobile with a large memory to enjoy its functions.

Once downloaded, you just have to open it and Fast will automatically start doing its job. Let her analyze the internet connection for a few seconds to inform you about the exact speed of it. When the analysis is finished, you can do it again by clicking on the reload button that appears next to the connection speed number.

Fast, which has already accumulated more than 5 million downloads in the Google store, is available for any device with Android 4.0 or higher. Its free nature and the absence of ads make it one of the best applications to measure Internet connection speed on mobile phones.

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