Facebook makes it easy for us to export our posts and notes from its platform to Google Docs, Wordpress or Blogger: this is how it is done

It has been five years since Facebook began to facilitate the download of all the material that we had previously uploaded to the social network (or generated directly on the platform itself).

More recently, in 2019, it launched its Data Portability Tool, an application that allowed its users to transfer images and videos directly to third-party online services: Google Photos, Dropbox, Backblaze and Koofr.

Now, Facebook goes one step further, also allowing us to exercise our 'right to portability' also about our posts and notes. To reflect this new approach, the tool is renamed 'Transfer Your Information'.

But, to which online services can we now transfer this type of information, mainly based on text? Well to Google Docs and the two main blogging platforms globally: and Blogger (Although, in our tests, the latter service is not offered as an option yet).

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How is it done?

We can access the aforementioned tool from this link. Upon accessing, they will ask us for the Facebook password again. Once this step is resolved, we will see a screen like the one in the following image, from where we can finally move our publications.


Once a destination has been selected for our data, Facebook will redirect us to the platform of our choice, where we must log in or create an account to finish the process.

An initiative that could go further if the legal regulations were clarified

Facebook states in its corporate blog to be committed to expanding both the type of data that we can carry and the number of destination platforms thereof, but asks further public debate on this matter:

"The ecosystem we are building to support data portability will not materialize without regulation clarifying what data should be made portable and who is responsible for protecting the data once it has been transferred."

Via | Facebook Newsroom

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