Facebook "loads" two of the most famous alternatives to its official app for Android

Swipe and Simple Social are no longer on the Google Play Store after Facebook's threats to their developers.

Lately everything that surrounds Facebook It smells of controversy, and it is that after the changes in the WhatsApp terms of service and all the mess with the massive data leaks in its main social network, the truth is that now it seems that The Menlo Park giant doesn't like the competition to its official Android apps.

At least, that we can extract from the news that the companions of Android Police approached us, informing before anyone of the fall of Swipe Y Simple Social from Google Play Store after certain letters CD sent by Facebook's lawyers to their developers.

It is once again proven that the data of Facebook users is not safe

Facebook does not want competition and threatens the developers of the main alternatives on Android.

For now, the good news is that If you already used either of the two options -Swipe or Simple Social- you can continue to do soThe only thing that has happened is that their developers have removed them from Google Play, maintaining the functionality for all those who already had the app installed. However, new updates will be lost.

This is quite important and annoying, because yes friends, most of you use Facebook on a daily basis, you already know that Official Facebook apps for Android are never the best way to use Facebook on Android, since they consume excessive resources and work much worse than these two options, for example, which the guys from Zuckerberg seem to like so little.

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The Swipe developer announced it directly on Reddit with a heartfelt statement:

With much sadness in our hearts the day has finally come to say goodbye to Swipe for Facebook.

Today we received a cease and desist letter from the attorneys representing Facebook Inc. and my Facebook owned social media accounts have been deactivated (unfortunately blocking tons of memories over the years and contact with some distant relatives). I think this has happened to other developers, which means the end of alternative applications to Facebook.

Because of this, I have removed Swipe for Facebook and Swipe Pro for Facebook from Google Play Store. The application will continue to work for those users who already have it, but I cannot be sure for how long.


Incredible movement of Facebook, not only because of the cease and desist letters that almost seem logical to attack these alternative apps, but also because the deletion of personal profiles on Facebook and Instagram without prior notice to developers who, after all, are people and Facebook users, who have not even been allowed to download their data before.

The developer of Simple Social also warned in a notification push in the application to its users, confirming shortly after that in their case they had not removed their accounts, but that as a precaution he had decided to delete his apps alternatives to Facebook since you didn't want to run out of your profiles.

The truth is that these types of applications seem to violate some of the Terms of Service of Facebook, specifically the Section 3, subsection VII:

Change the main functionality or data processing of your application so that users see it as a different application, or materially change the scope of processing of previously collected platform data, unless in each case you resubmit your application and get our approval through app review.

At least for now, you can continue using them but you know, get used to using the official Facebook application no matter how bad it works, because from Menlo Park they are determined that this is the only option on Android.

It is true that only the most popular have been played, well Faster for Facebook, Phoenix or Hermit still works perfectly and its developers have received no news from Facebook.

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