everything you can do for free with the application even if you don't pay for storage

Google One is both the name of the Google subscription and the Android application with which you can access some of the benefits. Being an application focused on those who pay for extra storage in Google, may seem useless to those who don't pay for Google storage, despite not being.

The Google One application can be useful even if you use the usual free Google storage, offering in total three roles for everyone. We tell you what they are and how you can use each of them.

1. See where your Google storage is going

The first thing you can do with the Google One app is see the status of your Google storage, that is, how much you have in total and how much is in use, detailed according to which Google products are eating the most of the shared space: Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.


To see this information, you just have to enter the tab Storage. While this information is also available in the Google Drive app, on Google One it is easier to find the data and each of the services includes a button next to it to go to each of them. It is not an exclusive function, although it is an addition that does not hurt.

2. Free up shared space from Google

Possibly the most useful free tool on Google One is the ability to free up Google share space, something that is going to be very important this year because, let's remember, from June 2021 the backup in standard quality of Google Photos and the documents in Drive will occupy shared space.

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On the Home tab, tapping on Free up account space A window opens that will help you free up space on your Google storage by finding files that deserve to be deleted for various reasons.

Free up space

For example, in Gmail you can delete deleted emails, emails in the spam folder, as well as find emails that include large attachments. The process is much faster and more intuitive than if you try to find large files in your mail manually.

In Google Drive, the options are similar, being able to delete files in the trash or those that occupy a large size. In Google Photos, you can find large photos and videos (if you copy them at original quality) as well as videos in an unsupported format that you would have uploaded.

3. Make a backup

Finally, you can use the Google One application to create a complete backup of your mobile, also including photos and videos. The backup function within Google One is very similar to the one that comes in Google Drive, although includes more elements such as multimedia messages or MMS.

To create a backup with the Google One application you must press Configure data backup, in the tab Start and adjust the options, to choose between whether you want to include device data and multimedia messages. For photos and videos, the Google Photos settings are used, although you can change the setting by pressing Switch to full resolution.


Finally, you can choose if you want to make backup copies using mobile data - not highly recommended, since the copy can easily be several gigs - and all that remains is to press Create backup. That, and be patient, as it may take a few minutes to finish the process.

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