Essential medicine apps for doctors and patients

With these 9 apps you will be a better medical professional or if you are a patient you will have total control of your health

These apps can help patients manage their own health and facilitate patient care for health professionals. There are a variety of free medical apps on the market, some of which provide a better understanding of pharmaceuticals, while others work to diagnose symptoms and prepare for an unforeseen medical emergency.

They are very useful apps as the best apps for seniors that we brought you earlier. So that, if you are a medical professional you will love them, and if you are a patient, although they should not replace your visits to the doctor, they can certainly help you take care of your health.

applications for doctors and patients

Top 9 essential medicine apps for doctors and patients

It can be a bit difficult to find good medical applications among so many options, that is why we leave you the 9 most useful apps that you can find in Google Play related to medicine.



Epocrates is a popular mobile application and web service used by health professionals. The app initially gained popularity for its reference to pharmacology, but more recently it has expanded to include a variety of medical references. They also have over 600 medical calculators dosage, medical equations, plus adult and pediatric reference tables, as well as contraindications.

drug guide app

This app has an excellent search engine that will allow you to identify almost any medication. Its database is updated daily, so there will always be new drugs to consult.

You will be able to check the effects that may have when different medications are taken at the same time, as well as what happens with food and a certain medication. It's certainly the easiest way to find drug information, identify pills, check user interactions, and set up your own personal medication records. Although not everything is good, since does not work without internet connection.

MEDizzy - Medical Community

MEDizzy app

Are you a medical student? This app will be very helpful! It includes more than 30,000 medical questions Multiple choice and with flashcards that will help you answer any questions you may have. You will be able to follow medical cases and be updated with the latest news in the area.

The app is focused on 21 subjects in the area of ​​medicine among which we have anatomy and physiology, basic medicine, biochemistry, gastrointestinal, gynecology, dermatology, endocrinology, genetics, hematology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, pharmacology, neurology, among others.


mySugr app

It is an ideal application for people who suffer from some type of diabetes. Works for both type one and type two diabetes. Allows you to track the level of blood sugar, carbohydrates, HbA1c.

Includes a calculator with precise insulin dose recommendations. By recording your data daily, it will allow you to have better control over your condition. There is a monthly or annual subscription that includes many other quite interesting functions.

WikiMed - Offline Medical

WikiMed app

WikiMed gives you access to medical articles on diseases, medications, anatomy, symptoms, and diagnoses. WikiMed owns more than 70,000 articles being perfect for practicing physicians, as well as medical students and those interested in health care.

A great advantage of this app is that you can use it without internet connection. Also has a very light "mini" version where the same content is found, but there if you will need the Internet.

Dose Average


The best app for pediatric doctors that you can find in the Play Store. In this application it allows you to almost instantly consult any drug and define the prescription. You can position the patient's weight to calculate the correct dose to be administered.

It has 18 categories Among which are, anti-infectives, cardiology and dermatology and it can serve dentists, health workers, MIR, ENT specialists, oculists, dermatologists, allergists, pharmacists, ENT, medical students much more.


iDoctus app

This app has sources of accurate and updated information for thousands of medications. It allows the doctor to know the safest drugs for a patient regardless of the pathology to be treated.

IDoctus Scientific Update is a selection of more than 100 medical journals of all specialties to present to the doctor the most innovative and relevant articles of his specialty. It also has 60 medical calculators: Chads-Vasc, Glasgow scale, pregnancy wheel, Child-Pugh, pediatric doses, etc. The only problem is that ** it has a trial period of 3 months **, after that, you will have to pay an annual subscription.

Medicine Alarm

Medicine Alarm app

If you take several medications this app will be very useful, since it will show you reminders about the medicine to be taken and it even has an alarm to tell you when you need to buy a medicine again.

It has the function of recording the doses of various medications, as well as establishing an itinerary by adding the date you will start, the duration in days and the days on which you must take the medication, since some treatments are drunk with days off. What's more, you can get your family and friends involved with a feature called Team, so that they also receive a notification so they can know if you took the medicine.

Heart rate monitor

heart rate monitor app

Always is good have a heart rate check and more when some physical activity is practiced regularly. This app allows you to obtain unlimited measurements, allowing you to take the frequency in 5 zones, extreme, cardio, fat burning, warm-up and rest, being useful if you practice training with time intervals. Although you can also take a look at the Mi Band 5 that can track your heart rate and much more.

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