Enhance your Samsung mobile photo gallery with this secret setting

Unlocking hidden tricks in the Samsung Gallery is not as difficult as it seems ... We show you how!

Those of you who have already tried a Samsung, surely many times you have been overwhelmed by the amount of options your customization had previously on Android, from TouchWiz to a One UI that has managed to lighten up to offer value without confusing the user, seeking above all that software optimization that the South Korean giant needed in fluency and experience.

In fact, following the path initiated by Google, Samsung also unlinked many of your One UI apps, releasing them on Google Play with some options added for any other user could enjoy them, such as a Samsung Internet more powerful than Chrome in certain aspects and other options such as a photo gallery that you can get much more out of following this simple trick that we teach you today.

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It is about some options laboratory that Samsung tends to hide in the settings of their software, and that both the colleagues from SamMobile and from Android Police explained to us indicating that they are indeed functionalities in testing phase beta that may not be stable, although they are prepared for fans of you to try them.

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How to enable options laboratory in the 'Samsung Gallery'

You will see now that it is not complex or for advanced users, and the truth is that surely many of you will have already seen it because Samsung usually includes these options in all its apps from OneUI 2.1, without the need for strange combinations and knowing only how most of the easter eggs and hidden menus in almost all versions of Android.

This time, activate and have these settings visible in the Samsung Gallery, it is as simple as click repeatedly on the version number of the app, until a floating message is displayed indicating that [Labs] Gallery Labs is enabled.

Enhance your Samsung mobile photo gallery with this secret setting

Click several times on the version of the app in the 'Samsung Gallery', and you will activate a lot of experimental options to feel like a good beta tester.

Once inside this menu of laboratory, you will see that we are facing a menu not so secret that will enable a lot of options, which can be activated at the user's decision although many of them are linked to a specific device model or firmware.

Obviously, those that are only compatible with One 2.5 or other versions will be indicated, and as you will see in the attached screenshots there is a lot to play with between additional options for the image and video viewer, extra functions of the continuity app Link to Windows, timelines, EXIF ​​data and much more ...

The only thing you should keep in mind is that once these experimental settings have been changed, you will have to go to the app options and force the gallery to close, so that once it is opened again the new functions of the laboratory by Samsung_.

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