Do you have a Samsung smartphone? Your Internet application is updated: these are the news

Samsung Internet 14 incorporates the split-screen app pairs, a new privacy control panel, and the translation extension now supports 18 languages.

There are many mobile web browsers, but, without a doubt, the most used by a large number of users It is Google Chrome, especially because it is the one that comes pre-installed on all Android terminals.

However, if you are the owner of a Samsung smartphone, you will surely be using its native browser, which it has just been updated with a series of new features that we are going to tell you next.

Samsung's web browser is updated with interesting news

Samsung's web browser is updated with interesting news

These are all the improvements that version 14 of Samsung Internet Browser brings

How can we read in Android Police stable version of Samsung Internet Browser 14 is now available for all users, after going through its latest beta last month, and includes a series of really interesting news.

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The first of the changes that has arrived with this new version of the Korean manufacturer's web browser is related to multitasking, and specifically with split screen mode.

Until now, Samsung Internet Browser has supported opening two tabs in parallel of its smart bar while in split screen mode but now, we can also add app pairs.

In this way, when we are in split screen, touching the divider will show us the button "Add pair", through which we can add several applications as several web browsers to share data between them and it will appear to us a single icon on the smart bar so that we can access it more easily.

This is how Flex mode works

This is how Flex mode works

Another of the improvements that this new update incorporates, which only applies to the folding terminals of the Korean brand, is flex mode that will allow us that when we are watching a video and we bend the device in half, the playback controls move to the bottom and the clip continues to play at the top, which is really handy to comfortably fast forward or rewind a video.

The rest of the news that the new version of the Samsung web browser incorporates are the following:

  • "Enhanced intelligent anti-tracking" that automatically deletes cookies every certain period of time.
  • A new privacy control that shows us how many pop-ups and cookies have been blocked.
  • Reading mode improvements.
  • The browser translation extension now supports 18 languages.
  • System fonts now apply to web pages as well.
  • For the Galaxy Tab S7, handwriting recognition is incorporated in the text boxes and in the bar of URLs.
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How to download Samsung Internet browser

Samsung Internet Browser is a totally free application that we can download and install from the Korean manufacturer's own store, Galaxy Store, or from the Google Play Store using the direct link that we leave you under these lines.

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