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Xiaomi's intelligence also reaches your bedside with the Mi Smart Clock, which is not only used to see the time.

Much more than a clock, that is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock. The smart device of the Chinese firm is endowed with multiple functions that go beyond telling you the time, being the perfect accessory for your bedside table. Now, the Mi Smart Clock has a scandal price on AliExpress, where it barely exceeds 30 euros in price.

Xiaomi's smartwatch has a easily customizable display which can also play video in addition to function as loudspeaker to listen to your favorite songs. This device does not lack the alarm clock function and a secret member Of which we only anticipate that he is willing to help you in everything he can ... In addition, it has a drawback that you must take into account.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock, more than a clock for your bedside.

The advantages of using the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

First of all, we must highlight the design of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock, with a discreet aesthetic that helps you place it in any room without being jarring. The device arrives with ten different watch faces, so you can change them every so often to completely renew their appearance.

In addition, you have the option to modify its 3.97 inch screen through the customization of various elements. We stayed on the screen to mention that you can play video on it whenever you share it from a compatible smart device, for example, security cameras to see what is happening outside the house.

Of course, the Mi Smart Clock works as an alarm clock, with a gradual alarm available to make your awakening more pleasant. Also, with it you can manage the operation of other smart devices from your home, like a Xiaomi purifier.

The secret companion we talked about earlier is Google Assistant, which will give you information about the weather, answer your questions and help you set alarms, among many other tasks. We recommend you create a Google Assistant routine for the Xiaomi smart watch to tell you the traffic status or appointments on your calendar just by saying "good morning".

These -and some more- are the advantages of having the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock on the bedside table, a device that is more than a clock. Its official price in Spain is about 50 euros, although you have the opportunity to buy it on AliExpress for about 32 euros. Yes, you must note that it is the chinese version and therefore it is only available in that language.

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