Best apps to train CrossFit with your mobile, free and on Google Play

Train like a pro in CrossFit with these 9 apps

CrossFit is a type of training that began as training for California police officers and due to its excellent results, it began to be taught to the military, firefighters, until it reached the general public. Thanks to its great popularity today we can even find applications on our mobile that help us to perform this type of high intensity training.

Therefore, we bring a list with the best 9 apps to train CrossFit from the mobile and free, but if you prefer to start with an app to do a lighter workout, click here.

apps to do crossfit

Top apps to train CrossFit

We must remember that CrossFit is a high intensity workout, so although most of these applications are designed for any level, we must take it easy to avoid injury or overtraining.

Hero WOD


This application offers a WOD (work of day) for each day, these workouts can be saved within the same app to do them when we want. It has a function called Hero Timer with which we can place a timer that adapts to each type of training.

CrossFit Games

crossfit games app

Every year since 2007 they organize CrossFit games anyone can try to rank for, and this is the official app of these games. With this application we will be among the first to know when new workouts are launched, the deadline to send our scores, compare results, and much more.

It also has available all the regulations to follow in order to enter this international competition.

CrossFit Training App

CrossFit Training App

This app has a good receptivity on the part of its users thanks to its easy to use interface, which despite only being in English at the moment, is not difficult to handle.

Here we find more than 5000 different workouts, gym movements and body weight, workout generator AMRAP(as many repetitions as possible), EMOM(same as AMRAP, but with breaks), FOR TIME(a number of exercises and repetitions in a certain time), TABATA(8 sets of 20 seconds each) and more.

WOD Generator

WOD Generator app

Among its more than 4500 different exercises, we can choose very varied routines such as travel, body weight, partner, power, resistance, AMRAP, EMOM, in total they are 12 different categoriesIt all depends on what we need and can do at the time of exercising.

Count with one dark mode to save battery and better display.


SmartWOD app

One advantage it has is that we can choose the type of equipment that we have at our disposal, and thus avoid exercises that we will not be able to perform. In total you have 21 different possibilities, such as medicine ball, jump ropes, dumbbells, running track, exercise bike, among others.

At the end of the training we can see a table with the results obtained in each round.

SmartWOD Timer

SmartWOD Timer app

One of the best timers that we will find to train in CrossFit. Is simple and easy to use for all common cross and functional workouts. We just have to choose the type of WOD or training that we are going to do and that's it.

What you have achieved has a score of 4.9 on the Google Play Store after more than 1 million downloads, are its motivating sounds and that we can see the clock at a great distance from the mobile without any problem like the classic timer that we find in any box. Although if you prefer to listen to music instead of motivating sounds, here we have 5 excellent Spotify playlists to train.

WOD Roulette

WOD Roulette app

For professionals or anyone who wants to participate in the CrossFit Games or some other local competition, this app will be very helpful, since has a function called random WOD where workouts will appear randomly as we would have to do them in a real competition.

The available WODs range from the classics to new ones that we have hardly already made. Ladder style training, death for each type, partner training, are just some of the types of training that this app has.


WODster app

The WODster app, in addition to offering a very good collection of routines, allows you to write ours or modify existing WODs, we can even add photos and images to better understand what we are going to do.

Timers can also be customized according to our routines.

Holy WOD


What makes this app unique is that can be adapted to whatever level the athlete has and to their different needs such as, reduce weight, increase muscle mass, gain resistance, and more.

Each exercise has its video demonstration and we can choose routines to do from a box, with gymnastics equipment, workouts from home, among others.

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