Best 9 free applications to scan documents with your mobile

Simple, fast and free, this is the scanning process if you do it with your mobile using the apps that we recommend.

Your mobile is a multifunctional tool, as it is used to make phone calls, take pictures, guide you to a location and also to scan documents. That's right, you don't need to have a scanner at home as long as you have a smartphone, just download one of the best free applications to scan documents that we recommend in this article.

Surely you have already heard of some of them, such as CamScanner or Adobe Scan. However, there are many apps on the Google Play Store that offer you great tools to scan documents, photos and other items for free. We are going to know what they are and their main characteristics.

Adobe Scan

There are several applications to scan documents for free with your mobile.

Best free applications to scan documents with your mobile

When using these apps, you just have to point the phone's camera at the document and tap the shutter button to scan it. Then you can crop it, edit its color and add more pages without complications. Let's not get involved anymore, let's see which are the best free applications to scan documents with your mobile.

  • Office Lens
  • Google drive
  • Simple Scan
  • SwiftScan
  • CamScanner
  • Adobe Scan
  • TapScanner
  • Tiny Scaner
  • Genius Scan

Office Lens


Office Lens, one of the best scanner apps for Android.

Office Lens is one of the best applications -or the best- that you can download to have a scanner on your mobile. It serves for digitize documents, interactive whiteboards, business cards, photos and much more. Focus with your mobile on the document and the intelligent system will recognize the area to be scanned. After taking the capture, you can cut out the area that interests you, draw on the image and much more, all of this. no additional payments and no watermarks.

Google drive

Google Drive for Android receives one of its biggest redesigns to date

Google Drive can also be used to scan documents.

Google Drive, the app where you store all your personal files in the cloud, also serves as a scanner. To scan documents with Google Drive you just have to click on Add> Scan then crop the fragment you want to digitize. Thus, you can give Google Drive a new use and avoid downloading another app, since it is surely already on your Android.

Simple Scan

Simple Scan App

Simple Scan is a multi-functional document scanning app.

Another good application to scan documents for free is Simple Scan, which has multiple functions. For example, you can use your image auto-cropping, add drawings, upload the documents to platforms such as Google Drive or Dropbox directly or add your signature to the scanned document. Simple and free, this is the alternative that you can download now on your Android.


Swift Scan App

The Swift Scan app has text recognition and upload to cloud services.

SwiftScan is a very complete application for scanning documents, as it has automatic text recognition, photo cropping, color optimization, annotation within the scanned document, direct upload to storage platforms and extensive file sharing options. You just have to focus your camera on the document in question and take advantage of SwiftScan tools when scanning.


CamScanner for Android

CamScanner is the most popular app to scan with your mobile.

CamScanner does not need presentations, it is the most popular application to scan documents for free with your mobile. With more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, this app allows you to convert scanned documents in various formats, such as PDF, Word or Excel. You can take notes on the documents themselves, take advantage of the smart trimming and auto-enhancement to make the images look better, and set password to view some documents, among many other options.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan App

The Adobe Scan app recognizes printed and handwritten text when scanning.

Adobe's application for scanning documents is Adobe Scan, which performs a very precise scanning process. With integrated OCR technology you can recognize printed and handwritten text for later convert that content into a document in PDF or JPEG format. In addition, it has an image editor that allows you to retouch some details so that the scanned documents look better.



If you are looking for a simple document scanning tool to use on your mobile, pay attention to TapScanner. You just have to focus the document with your mobile, let it recognize the edges automatically, take the screenshot and edit the filters until you have perfect sharpness. Finally, you will only have to choose if you want save it in PDF or JPEG. By the way, with TapScanner you can also sign documents and share them with other contacts.

Tiny Scaner


Documents, photographs, business cards, receipts ... With Tiny Scanner you can digitize an endless number of documents, converting them into JPEG images or PDF files, both in color and in black and white. Adjust the page level for PDF, automatically detects the edges, offers 5 levels of contrast, you can block access to documents with password and also add your signature to send them already prepared. In short, a very complete application that you can download for free on your Android.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan App

With Genius Scan you can create multi-page scanned documents.

The last application to scan documents with your mobile that we want to recommend is Genius Scan, which allows you scan multi-page documents in PDF or JPEG format. It has document detection and removal of funds, various filters for images, app blocking by fingerprint, blocking of documents by password, export by email and direct upload to storage platforms.

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