Best 8 free Google Play applications to learn computer science

Learn everything you need to know about computing with these 8 apps

With just 5 or 10 minutes a day we can learn computer science from our mobile. These applications will help us during this process of acquiring new skills and knowledge of this interesting world of computing.

We can start from the basics to the development of applications, programs and games. It is very important to know about programming, networks, databases and other areas of computing, because this can help us expand our field of work.

apps to learn computer science from the mobile

Tops of free apps to learn computer science

Without further ado, let's get to know those applications that we can download from Google Play to learn computer science, and that are totally free, intuitive and very easy to use.

Computer course

Informatics Course app

If we want learn from the basic level everything related to computing this app is the best option. With this app we will learn from the use of a computer to specialized programs. The information is closely related to the latest trends in technology, and is recommended for students and individuals, who are becoming familiar with the use of technology.



Learning to program is part of computing and this app teaches us how to do it, from the basic to the structured level. The most outstanding feature of it is that we will be able to write, execute and share a real code without the need for additional configurations or downloads on mobile.

It also has an extensive library of new and updated content for web development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, among others of interest. Each learning module offers you an exam-type test to advance, if you fail it you will be taken back to that lesson. If you are interested in learning to program, take a look at these 9 apps to learn to program.


app courses

This is an application that offers a very varied content in addition to computing, and that also deliver certificates of the courses that we take on your platform.

In the app we will find courses for application and game development, multiplatform programming, SEO, among others. All the progress we make and the certificates obtained are stored in our account even if we uninstall the app. We can also test the knowledge acquired with the interactive activities that it includes, in addition to being able to configure an alert to notify us that we must study.

Learn computer science easily

Not all of us are experts with new technologies, there are adults and children who are becoming familiar with the use of the computer, but this learning should not be torture, but rather something entertaining, and this is what we will find in this app. We can learn from how to send and receive emails, how to use social networks, or simply learn how a computer program works, with simple tutorial videos.

Computer networks and network systems

app learn networks

Another important area of ​​computing is computer networks and everything related to connectivity, so we decided to add this perfect app to study basic concepts, switching and routing and more.

Has tutorials for beginners and experts, a section of questions and answers of different categories, and also has a very simple and intuitive interface.



Grasshopper is a Google project intended to learn JavaScript, which is an object-oriented language that is also one of the most popular and most used programming languages ​​at a professional level, and we will study it through games and simulations very interesting.

The interface like most Google projects is very friendly, and is guided by a grasshopper. It has riddles to strengthen the acquired skills; With this app we can really have fun while we learn, since each explanation is well structured, with examples and practices to check what we have learned, and the feedback is in real time. If you want more details about this app click here.

Computer calculations

Computer Calculations app

Do you dedicate yourself to work in the IT area and want to easily locate a conversion or data without having to go to Google? Be sure to download this app that contains a wide catalog of very useful options, for example: conversion of bytes, dec, bin, oct, hex, most used Unix commands, password generator, MD5 and SHA hash generator, among many other very interesting options.

Computer Dictionary

computer dictionary app

If what you need is a dictionary that contains the terminology used in computing, this app is for you. It contains a wide catalog of words, we can also change the language of the presentation at any time we want. This is a simple application, but very useful for novices and experts, although it would be a success if it could be used without an internet connection.

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