Be very careful with pink WhatsApp, it is a malicious app that takes control of your phone

Malicious apps are becoming fashionable that take advantage of your contact list to expand to multiple destinations and that use systems such as WhatsApp, practically universal mobile messaging at the moment, or like SMS, which has been with us almost forever. It happened with FluBot, the malware that disguised itself as a messaging company and is happening now with WhatsApp itself.

Not WhatsApp as such, of course, but an application that masquerades as WhatsApp and that promises that if we install it, it will make our WhatsApp have a new pink interface as well as a new icon. Nothing could be further from the truth because it is a malware that takes control of our entire phone. And the worst thing is that we will have installed it completely voluntarily.

Do not download the pink WhatsApp or give it any permission

Whatsapp Pink

Perhaps the pink WhatsApp has reached you through a message from one of your contacts through the real WhatsApp, but the truth is that it was not your contact who sent it to you, but the malware itself was in charge of transmitting the message. As in the case of Flubot, malware takes control of your communication channels to spread. So if one of your contacts has sent it to you, that contact is already infected.

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Malware, of course, travels the world streaming from Android phone to Android phone, since it takes advantage of the fact that Google's operating system allows the installation of external .apk files. Thus, the pink WhatsApp avoids having to camouflage itself inside an app on Google Play. One less problem for him, since it is configured as a supposed app that will convert our WhatsApp to pink and does not even need to camouflage itself.

If we receive a message from any of our contacts, this message will invite us to go to a web link that will take us to download the file that contains this supposed pink WhatsApp that is nothing more than malicious software. The software needs our help to install itself and that we grant it all the permissions necessary to operate. If we do, we will be lost, because the malware will take control of our phone.

The app is camouflaged once installed, so that it does not appear in the list of installed apps and we may forget that we have installed it. In our eyes, WhatsApp will not have turned pink and we will feel cheated. In the reality, this malicious software will stay in the background, operating with our permission and stealing personal data from our mobile phone while it sends itself to our WhatsApp contacts to continue spreading. Be very careful with him.

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