Asana, Microsoft Planner, and more

These are some of the Trello-like software available for download from the Google Play store. Some are free!

Are you looking for a alternative to Trello for Android? These may be your best options for working remotely, either to organize tasks or manage your projects from your mobile. Do you want to know them? Follow us!

And it is that to be successful in the labor sphere it takes a good work team and a good organization. However, sometimes tasks pile up and communication slows causing many entities to fail. For this reason, there are software that helps maintain a high productivity index and one of them is the popular Trello.

Trello is a project management software that is responsible for managing tasks and activities in the workplace. He himself is able to help you communicate effectively with staff and in real time, helps you as a weekly planner, is easy to use and adaptable to any situation.

However, it has some limitations that prevent uploading very large files, that is why it has paid versions such as: Business Class or Enterprise.

The 5 best apps to focus and be more productive

The 8 best alternatives to Trello for Android

  • Asana
  • Kanban
  • Airtable
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Hibox
  • Taskworld
  • Zenkit
  • Basecamp

Despite the great popularity of Trello, you must be sure which tool is the one that best adapts to your work rhythm, since there are also other software to work from your Android device. How about taking a look at these options?



If you want to be more productive and carry out your projects successfully, then Asana is the perfect app for you. It is also very similar to Trello and it basically takes care of manage and organize your work making everyone can coordinate to finish and achieve the proposed objectives.

With it you will be able to add work in real time, create tasks, reminders and pending for your team, add files, listings, followers and even assign activities.

And do not worry about direct communication with some of your colleagues, since this software is designed so that you can comment and receive notifications of some conservation that you are following.


Kanban similar to trello

Kanban for project management and visual processes

Kanban is a tool to work efficiently and manage u better organize your work. It is available on the Goglee Play and is very similar to what Trello offers. So if you need to know what are the activities or pending of the day, do not hesitate to use Kanban.

With this platform you will be able to create, edit and move boards with tasks, date and time, attach files, add comments, assign colors, labels and much more.



Looking for a flexible mobile organizer? Then Airtable it may be the ideal option for you. This software supports instant collaboration, create tables with activities and follow up, establish member reminders and much more.

Works great for both business people as a complement to a personal agenda. His interface is extremely easy to handle, it is very well structured and has a robust database and sophisticated. Without a doubt, it is one of the best alternatives to Trello and totally free.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is similar to Trello

All tasks in one place with Microsoft Planner

Is a Work tool designed for create plans, organize and assign tasksIn short, everything that has to do with visual organization of work and that leads to a better labor productivity. Best of all, you can use this platform from the comfort of your mobile device.

The only thing is that in order to use it you must have a subscription in Office 365, which allows you work evenlyFrom creating dashboards, sorting tasks, adding files to conversations, and more. All in one place!



One of the best apps for managing tasks

If you are looking for a tool where you can keep up to date with the office activities, or in the best of cases, pass important information and have your whole team read it in real time, then do not hesitate to download Hibox.

It is a platform that allows you chat in a group or privately and that works well for the construction activities and sending images from anywhere, especially if you carry out a project or mission.



Taskworld is one of the more complete applications that exist so far for manage work projects, plan activities, meetings, fulfill tasks, establish schedules, schedules and much more from the comfort of your mobile device.

In addition, it has automatic notifications so you do not miss the latest news, it is easily sync in real time with network application and is available in more than 80 countries and regions. Its interface is one of the most reliable and comfortable with public and private chat, ideal for all enterprising audiences.



Zenkit is one of the best alternatives to Trello to organize your work and be more productive. Their tool is designed to encourage online collaboration between teams, manage tasks, manage clients, schedule activities, add activity calendars, checklist, labels and even organize everything through mind maps and Gantt chart.

So if what you are looking for is a Trello-like software, then Zenkit it can be the ideal option to get your team up and running and achieve your goals. What are you waiting to try it?

Basecamp 3

Basecamp is one of the best alternatives to trello

With the help of Basecamp, projects will take off faster

If you want one app similar to what Trello offers, then keep in mind Basecamp. It is a platform for work organization and management with quite interesting functions, especially if you want to run a business.

And it is that who would not like control conversations, tasks and activities and even discuss ideas, plan marketing campaigns, share images, attach files, set schedules, tags and much more from one place.

If you decide to opt for this app, it is proper to remember that you have 30 days completely free and then you will have to pay 99 euros per monthHowever, all of this is nothing compared to what the system offers.

These are the 8 best alternatives to Trello for Android that you can download in the Google play and thus manage your business and make your work more efficient from anywhere in the world.

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