An airline vetoes VIVO mobiles after the fire of a shipment of them

It has been a transport airline in Hong Kong, after the explosion of the battery of a Vivo Y20 that destroyed an entire shipment.

Perhaps it was very restrained in its European landing, and in fact, surely ALIVE stay in no man's land seeking to convince more in price than in benefits. In any case, the Chinese manufacturer has already dared with the new VIVO X60 Pro + a peek into the range more premium, so here we await you with open arms.

Of course, the trip to Europe of its new mobiles in 2021 will not be through the Hong Kong airline that has banned VIVO phones among its shipments, after a large fire that Android Authority anticipated a few hours ago following sources and Twitter posts.

VIVO lands in Europe

This is how the VIVO X51 5G arrived, the first flagship of the firm in Europe, at the end of 2020.

According to what has transpired, several pallets of VIVO became a ball of fire after battery explosion of one of the VIVO Y20, an incident that is already being investigated from the Dongguan manufacturer and that appears to have frightened Hong Kong Air Cargo.

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Not surprisingly, the Asian airline has already announced the immediate ban on VIVO devices in your air transport operations, at least as long as the cause of the fire is not resolved and the safety conditions are fully reassured.

Obviously for now we don't have too many details what has happened or if the case has been completely isolated, but VIVO has already reported that they are investigating the incident in question together with the relevant authorities:

We have learned that a shipment of merchandise, with some of VIVO products inside, burned in the parking platform of the Hong Kong International Airport on April 11. We have paid close attention and immediately a special team has been created to work closely with the local authorities to determine the causes.

As you will see in the images published on social networks, it seems that the fire starts on one of the pallets prepared for shipment, quickly spreading to the rest of the merchandise. Later, images of VIVO devices completely burned in your sales packages.

All terminals were destroyed in a matter of minutes before traveling to Thailand, where they were to be distributed, and despite the prohibition to continue operating with this transport airline from Hong Kong, those responsible for VIVO ensure supply as the firm also has production lines in India, in addition to other markets, with different logistics chains.

Will this be a new case like that of the Galaxy Note7, or will it remain a mere problem isolated from a specific unit of the lithium batteries used by VIVO?

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