a nice online Lo-Fi music player to focus, work, study or relax

Not everyone enjoys play music in the background when sitting down to work or when they need to focus, but if one type of music is very good for this, it is the Lo-fi, precisely because it is very unobtrusive, nobody sings in them and in general they are quite relaxing songs.

On YouTube especially, radio channels that broadcast music of this type have been experiencing significant growth that intensified considerably with the pandemic. It's no surprise that sites like are popping up more and more: a simple but beautiful website to listen to music Lo-fi almost infinite.

Multiple stations, easy keyboard controls, and cool background animations

Pomodoro Clock with pomodoro clock is pretty cool, it doesn't do anything "revolutionary", it just gets the music from other channels Lo-fi YouTube and plays it on top of several fun and simple animations that serve as screen decorations.

You can use the web in full screen mode, or you can install it as a progressive web application and pin it to the taskbar or your dock if you prefer. You don't need to use the mouse at all, you can pause or resume playback with the space bar, change stations with the direction arrows, or change the background GIF with "G".

This free app for Windows and macOS plays the LoFi music channel that went viral at the beginning of the pandemic

You can even tweet the station by simply pressing the "T" key, and it has a "low-power" mode that simply removes the colors from the text and leaves everything blank. In addition to this, if you look in the upper right where there is an icon in the shape of a clock, you can use a pomodoro watch that is includedThat is, a 25/5 minute timer for you to work / take a break using the famous productivity technique.

This website is the work of Fabrizio Rinaldi Y Freckles, two enthusiasts who are learning to code and decided to launch as their first project. In the future they will be adding more stations, and they will even begin to translate the website into other languages.

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